“Dear child, keep working,
don’t ever think you can’t,
dear child, never accept bad cant,
dear child, keep going
God is always behind. ”
That was mama's advice.

My mama’s word was an everyday melody
I heard and danced to the sound,
but was nothing to my memory,
I was confounded,
drowned by the silent sound
and I couldn’t be picked or found.

I spent years against the word of mama,
I was lost, I couldn’t see my eyes.
I was moving up and down like a swing
Since there was no place to extend to,
I was like people of Moses,
no destination,
there was no one to speak to,
no aegis.
“I’m sorry mama,
I was disobedient,
I am sorry mama.”
I pleaded to my mama’s absence.

My tears pleaded on my behalf,
“Dear child, dear child, dear child”
My ear heard the voice from mama’s mouth
“dear child, there’s always a second chance,
the sun can still visit the south,
just call on your deity, he’s behind,
pray and work hard,
this maybe the last chance,
a word is enough for the wise. "