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Anthony Munday (or Monday) (1560? – 10 August 1633) was an English playwright and miscellaneous writer. He was baptized on 13 October 1560 in St Gregory by St Paul's, London, and was the son of Christopher Munday, a stationer, and Jane Munday. He was one of the chief predecessors of Shakespeare in English dramatic composition, and wrote plays about Robin Hood. He is believed to be the primary author of Sir Thomas More, on which he is believed to have collaborated with Henry Chettle, Thomas Heywood, William Shakespeare, and Thomas Dekker.


He was once thought to have been born in 1553, because the monument to him in the church of St Stephen Coleman Street, since destroyed, stated that at the time of his death he was eighty years old. From the inscription...
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  • Beauty Bathing
    Beauty sat bathing by a spring,
    Where fairest shades did hide her;
    The winds blew calm, the birds did sing,
    The cool streams ran beside her....
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Beauty 1 Memory 1 Smile 1 Sometimes 1 Spring 1 Desire 1 Wise 1 Forbidden 1 Fashion 1 Hide 1

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Sbhfag: councillor anthony munday, cabinet member for greener city, development and leisure, said: "stoke-on-trent is one o...
Np_boyce: published mid-1960s, pages still uncut. safe to say that anthony munday's 'the downfall of robert, earl of huntingt...
Jdmccafferty: 22 dec 1597: anthony munday & michael drayton paid 4s by philip henslowe for a now lost play called 'mother redcap'...
Thatshakespeare: 1598, anthony munday staged a set of plays about robin hood including a meta-drama written by john skelton, who was...
Ffilologiaus: seminario "iberian chivalric romance in english translation: anthony munday and early modern english culture", aula...
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