In A Wook Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


PALE beech and pine tree blueA
Set in one clayB
Bough to bough cannot youA
Bide out your dayB
When the rains skim and skipC
Why mar sweet comradeshipC
Blighting with poison dripC
Neighborly sprayB
Heart halt and spirit lameD
City opprestB
Unto this wood I cameD
As to a nestB
Dreaming that sylvan peaceE
Offered the harrowed easeF
Nature a soft releaseE
From men's unrestB
But having entered inG
Great growths and smallH
Show them to men akinG
Combatants allH
Sycamore shoulders oakI
Bines the slim sapling yokeI
Ivy spun halters chokeI
Elms stout and tallH
Touches from ash O wychJ
Sting you like scornK
You too brave hollies twitchJ
Sidelong from thornK
Even the rank poplars bearL
Illy a rival's airL
Cankering in black despairL
If overborneK
Since then no grace I findB
Taught me of treesF
Turn I back to my kindB
Worthy as theseF
There at least smiles aboundB
There discourse trills aroundB
There now and then are foundB
Life loyaltiesF

Thomas Hardy


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