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Thomas Edward Spencer (30 December 1845 – 6 May 1911) was an Australian building contractor and writer.

Life Born at Hoxton Old Town London, his parents were Daniel O'Brien, a cabinetmaker, and Ann O'Brien. Not much is known of his early life, though it appears that Spencer's mother remarried with stonemason Thomas Edward Spencer, whose name Thomas adopted. Thomas came to Australia, visiting the Victorian goldfields in 1863 with a brother, but returned to England a year later and worked at his trade of stonemason. He dropped his father's surname by the time of his marriage to Jane Harriett Strew on 21 November 1869. Spencer was elected vice-president of the Stonemasons' Society of London, and assisted its president Henry Broadhurst in the settlement of in...
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Thomas E. Spencer Poems

  • Not Too Bad
    De cottage vas close py der garden gate,
    It vas not mighdty hardt to find it,
    A couple of gum-trees grew shoost in front,
    Und a pig\shty grew shoost pehind it. ...
  • The Song Of The Sundowner
    I'm the monarch of valley, and hill, and plain,
    And the king of this golden land.
    A continent broad is my vast domain,
    And its people at my command. ...
  • Do I Love Thee
    I ask my heart, "Do I love thee?"
    But how can I e'er forget
    The feelings of joy and rapture
    That thrilled me when first we met? ...
  • The Voice Of The Willows
    Hiding away from the sunlight,
    Close by a rippling stream,
    Hallowed by childish fancies
    And many a waking dream; ...
  • Farewell
    As we travel Life's weary journey,
    And plod through the gathering years,
    With our burdens of care and sorrow,
    O'er a pathway bedewed with tears. ...
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