Who is Eamon Grennan

Eamon GrennanBorn1941 (1941)
Dublin, IrelandNationalityIrishEducationUniversity College, Dublin
HarvardKnown forPoetry Eamon Grennan (born 1941) is an Irish poet born in Dublin. He has lived in the United States, except for brief periods, since 1964. He was the Dexter M. Ferry Jr. Professor of English at Vassar College until his retirement in 2004.

Though his Irish roots are clear in his poetry, Grennan has an international sense of literary traditi...
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Eamon Grennan Poems

  • One Morning
    Looking for distinctive stones, I found the dead otter
    rotting by the tideline, and carried all day the scent of this savage
    valediction. That headlong high sound the oystercatcher makes
    came echoing through the rocky cove ...
  • The Cave Painters

  • Untitled: Back They Sputter
    Back they sputter like the fires of love, the bees to their broken home
    Which they're putting together again for dear life, knowing nothing
    Of the heart beating under their floorboards, besieged here, seeking
    A life of its own. All day their brisk shadows zigzag and flicker...
  • Art
    The whole chorus saying only one thing: look
    at what goes, where we stand in the midst of it:
    Golden eyes of the beginning, deep patience
    of the end. Stone-deaf, the rocks in silence...
  • On A Cape May Warbler Who Flew Against My Window
    She's stopped in her southern tracks
    Brought haply to this hard knock
    When she shoots from the tall spruce
    And snaps her neck on the glass....
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Light 5 Dark 5 High 4 Silence 4 Heart 3 Night 3 Water 3 Warm 3 Blue 3 Great 3

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Comments about Eamon Grennan

  • Seanehewitt: saturday 15th, 9pm, cork poetry festival
  • Kevinlaskey: so i brought in this poem "oystercatchers in flight" by eamon grennan, and the beginnings of a solo melodic line. jim began to read the text and his mouth curled in an impish grin.
  • Rajoyceucb: —eamon grennan, "the cave painters"
  • Calliekimball: “two gathering” by eamon grennan. i read it aloud each year and weep openly.
  • Eileenchongpoet: about their business, and i began to understand how a poem can happen: you have your eye on a small elusive detail, pursuing its music, when a terrible truth strikes and your heart cries out, being carried off.’ eamon grennan
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