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JDCocchiarella: Clarence and Ginni Thomas have no place in our government.

thehill: Ginni Thomas emailed 29 Arizona lawmakers to help reverse Biden’s win

Numbers28: When the proud boys leader Enrique Tarrio was finally picked up, I was thinking this has so little context. Then I remembered Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens and Herschel Walker. Some folks seem to love "playing" for a team that's only really interested in using them as a mascots.

AndrewS25413341: I'm hoping that the committee shows this Thursday how Virginia Thomas was involved with the insurrection and Garland has her arrested and Clarence has to resign.

JamesTate121: Ginni Thomas bused in dozens of Critical Replacement Theorists to the capitol on January 6th for the insurrection.

Numbers28: Clarence Thomas complaining about people not living with outcomes that they don’t like as his wife was found to be a critical member of the plotters who attempted a coup d’etat as his frightwing radical mates are overturning a 50-year precedent is beyond disgusting. It’s sick!

nathaliejacoby1: New: Clarence Thomas said he worries that respect for institutions is eroding. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t his wife, Ginni Thomas, an insurrection participant? Who else thinks he should look within and then RESIGN?✋

nathaliejacoby1: Do you think Clarence Thomas is a HYPOCRITE for saying the Supreme Court can’t be “bullied” when his OWN wife allegedly tried to bully Congress into overturning the election?

johndail1591: Anybody notice how quick Roberts was to investigate the leak,but not Ginni Thomas??

electroboyusa: I just heard that the Ginni Thomas tapes were being leaked. Not the texts, the tapes. The Republicans are dead in the water.

l_dermody: So did Ginni Thomas get invited to tonight's WH Corresponents dinner? She hasn't had an audience to work since the trump dump

315_559: Am I the only one wondering why Ginni Thomas is still a free woman?

KaivanShroff: Again, Ginni Thomas is currently serving a 5-year term on the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board. President Biden should remove her immediately.

Emywinst: The January 6th Committee has insurrectionist Ginni Thomas' cellphone records. Clarence Thomas must be sweating. Retweet if you think it's a great news.

DianeHankinson5: Quoting Anna Navarro ,On The View concerning SCOTUS Judge Clarence Thomas. " This should Not be an Issue Of Left or Right ,, BUT an Issue of Right or Wrong ".

PalmerReport: I just want to thank Ginni Thomas for unwittingly handing us a huge messaging advantage in the midterms and maybe even another Supreme Court seat, she’s a complete moron

PalmerReport: If you want to win political battles, this is how you have to look at these things. We already know who Ginni Thomas is. There's no point in lamenting over it. When someone like her screws up and hands us leverage like this, we have to celebrate and use it against the other side.

PalmerReport: No political battle will ever be won, or will ever be won, by lamenting over how awful the other side is. But if we use this Ginni Thomas scandal to convince voters in the middle that it's a valid reason to show up and vote for our side, then we can win and things can get better.

l_dermody: So Ginni Thomas' phone texts to Mark Meadows prove ONCE AGAIN, the multitude of attempts to overturn a free/fair election. Do we have enough evidence yet? Is there anyone ballsy enough to arrest these criminals?

TristanSnell: Clarence Thomas dissented from the SCOTUS opinion on Trump's bogus claims of voter fraud in PA. Clarence Thomas dissented from the SCOTUS opinion requiring Trump's records go to the Jan 6 committee. All while Ginni Thomas participated in Jan 6. Clarence Thomas must resign.

OccupyDemocrats: If you’re a Democrat who thinks Jared Kushner and Ginny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, must be investigated after they just got busted conspiring to overturn Biden’s win ahead of the January 6 insurrection, please RT and follow us for more breaking news!

LafayetteTravel: Your weekly playlist curated by local musician Philippe Billeaudeaux with music by Grant Dermody, Leroy Thomas, Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie, Marco Beltrami, Dirk Powell, Corey Ledet Zydeco, Barry Jean Ancelet, and Riley Family Band.

Mollyploofkins: These 8 GOP house traitors support Putin more than the America and voted against condemning Russia. Shame on their districts. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Rep. Matt Gaetz Rep. Lauren Boebert Rep. Thomas Massie Rep. Andy Biggs Rep. Dan Bishop Rep. Glenn Grothman Rep. Chip Roy

NoahBookbinder: Justice Clarence Thomas was the lone vote to block the House Select Committee from getting January 6th documents from Donald Trump. We know now that his wife participated in the Jan. 6 rally. That creates a clear appearance of bias and a possible major conflict of interest.

razzli_: I’ll say it again, Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court as a Black Token to support White Supremacy.

Mayoisstillspi1: Who else demands that Clarence Thomas needs to resign?

dermody_david: Can Justice Roberts tell Justice Thomas he has to recuse himself from any case his wife has an interest in?

DonLew87: Supreme Court rules 8-1 against Trump on Jan 6 records. Clarence Thomas was the only 1. His wife Ginni said yesterday the Jan 6 rioters "did nothing wrong." Things that make you go hmmmmm.

caslernoel: It’s almost like Clarence Thomas is trying to protect his wife. (Sarcasm)

Tributes32: Capt. Michael Cull (Arigna) 7/1/23 Capt. James Waters 29/8/23 Capt. Andy O'Sullivan 23/11/23 Comdt. Thomas Fitzpatrick 24/2/24 Batt Adj. Michael Clarke 11/4/26 Vol. Jack Gaffney 18/11/40 Div. O.C. Paddy Dermody (Castlepollard) 30/9/42 Vol. James Crossan 24/8/58

MayoIsSpicyy: When you don’t support women like Anita Hill you end up with men like Clarence Thomas.

Fritschner: Thomas Massie voted against helping speed up the evacuation of our Afghan allies

Wilnerness: I once drove Matt Dermody back to Toronto from St. Thomas after their great annual event. I wonder if he would have ridden with me had he known that I was Jewish and, according to him, am therefore going to hell. People who truly love others in Christ don't do things like this.

TheRickyDavila: Never stop talking about the January 6th MAGA insurrection until all those in the GQP who helped plan, incite, promote and orchestrate it are held accountable which includes the wife of a sitting member of SCOTUS Ginni Thomas. Blocking a Commission is proof it was an inside job.

ShaneFein32: We shame them all, George Plant, quick fighter and a Protestant, Patrick McGrath and Richard Goss, Maurice O'Neill with Thomas Harte were executed when Dev's party won the county pitch-and-toss. Pat Dermody, John Kavanagh, Jackie Griffith, Barney Casey, Black-and-Tanned.

DBurkeandBrown: Katia Palucci and Samantha Thomas joined DB&B as Associates. Join us in welcoming them to the team!

KwikWarren: Arguably the most racially mocking, disingenuous & conniving thing Republicans have ever done was replace the great Thurgood Marshall on the US Supreme Court with a know-nothing, say-nothing, do-what-he’s told, self-hating slime ball like Clarence Thomas.

KwikWarren: Oh mannnnn, if y’all could only see some of the draft tweets I’ve written about Clarence Thomas.

hoopsghirl88: Remembering on this the 100th anniversary of the friary street ambush brave Volunteers Michael Dermody, Thomas Hennessy fallen 21st February 1921 GBNF TAL32

thepainterflynn: Today in 1775 Thomas Dermody, classical scholar and poet is born in Ennis. He wrote under pseudonyms including Mauritius Moonshine, and Marmaduke Myrtle.

l_dermody: I'm good with that. Ginni Thomas felt it ok to help bus rioters to DC. It wasn't a ride for sightseeing, lunch for tourists, a trip to distract from hum drum of CO19, an architectural lesson of gov't buildings-it was for insurrection! She should be arrested & he should step down

ShareGoodLife: Today was a great day celebrating the groundbreaking at Thomas Rose Industrial Park! Click here to find more details from the event, including words of appreciation from Bert Cook of La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership and Mayor Tom Dermody.

running_past: Thoughts of the Lewisham, in death at least, poet Thomas Dermody in the colours (alas not on Dermody Road)

noonofday: Perchance, the Poet here reclines his head, No stone or slate to tell that once he sung; His varying dreams, and self-made pomp are fled, And mute, alas! too mute, his tuneful tongue! (Thomas Dermody)

PanXchange: Don't miss our very own Thomas Dermody and RJ Hopp speaking today at 10 am MST! Follow the link to register:

CubsZone: BREAKING: Cubs have signed both Kelvin Herrera and Matt Dermody. Both will report to the South Bend summer camp.

l_dermody: Thomas Jefferson alongside Black great-grandson holds 'a mirror' to U.S.

TalbertSwan: Dear Wypipo Candace Owens Ben Carson Larry Elder Thomas Sowell Diamond and Silk The Hodge Twins Darrell Scott Paris Denard Jesse Lee Peterson Herschel Walker have ZERO credibility w/Black people. We don’t listen to racism apologists who make you feel good about your bigotry.

BillyBaldwin: The following have denounced Trump: Gen. Powell Gen. Mattis Gen. Kelly Gen. Milley Gen. Allen Gen. Myers Gen. Dempsey Gen. Thomas Gen. Hayden Adm. McRaven Adm. Stavridis Adm. Mullen Sec. Perry Sec. Cohen Sec. Carter Sec. Panetta Sec. Hagel Pres. George W. Bush (In formation)

bschapiroMD: So do people really believe that General Mattis, Admiral Mullen, Admiral McRaven, General Dempsey, General Hayden, General Thomas, and General Lengyel with their combined 300 years of service are merely political hacks with a personal grudge against President Bonespurs?

SeawrightDaniel: The Irish Romantic poet, Thomas Dermody, originally from Co Clare. Oddly he wrote a series of Scots influenced poems as a young teenager whilst living in Killeigh, Co Offaly. Mostly based around his drinking companions in a local pub. He used Scots forms, even some Scots diction.

running_past: The Dead Poets Society- Thomas Dermody (mid photograph) & Ernest Dowson

therealdon13: HALF: Lewis Central 36, Thomas Jefferson 24. Titans close the half on a 14-4 run. Dermody with 8 points in that span.

DermodyCleaners: "Love that the cleaning is picked up and delivered...well worth not having to remember to go drop off or pick up clothing" says Thomas, via ReviewMyDryCleaner

nonpareilonline: The Titans had four players in double-figures including Logan Jones and his 19 points. Cole Drummond finished with 14, Thomas Fidone chipped in 12 and Easton Dermody added 11

nonpareilonline: Noah Rigatuso led the Titans with 17 points while Easton Dermody scored 13 and Thomas Fidone added 10 as Lewis Central remained undefeated in league play with a 51-39 win over the Panthers

WLPR891: Big mayoral winners tonight: Portage - Sue Lynch Valpo - Matt Murphy MC - Duane Parry CP - David Uran EC - Mayor Anthony Copeland Gary - Jerome Prince Hammond - Thomas McDermott Jr. Hobart - Brian Snedecor LS - Bill Carroll LaPorte - Tom Dermody

LorrhaGAA: There was No Winner of this weeks lotto jackpot of €3150. Numbers drawn were: 2-9-13-23 3 Match 3's share €120: Dee Lane, Frances Dermody, MMM Brophy Promoters: Noreen Houlihan, Thomas P Cahalan, Internet

LottOnBaseball: Buffalo (68-65) won 5-4. Thomas Pannone 3.1IP/3H/2R/4BB/4K/80 pitches. Ryan Tepera (rehab) 1IP/2H/2R. Shutout relievers: Matt Dermody (2.2IP), Jackson McClelland (1) and Travis Bergen (1). Beau Taylor 2-4/double. Roemon Fields 2-2. Just off IL, Anthony Alford 1-4.

LorrhaGAA: There was No Winner of this weeks lotto jackpot of €11,550. Numbers drawn were: 15-16-20-31. No Match 3. Lucky Dips: Nora Tierney, L&M Dermody, Mary Brady, Maher family. Promoters: Noreen Houlihan, Thomas P Cahalan, D&K Mannion.


DermodyCleaners: "They are getting it picked up and dropped off...huge time saver" says Thomas

DermodyCleaners: "They are getting it picked up and dropped off...huge time saver" says Thomas, via...

thepainterflynn: Today in 1775 Thomas Dermody, classical scholar and poet is born in Ennis, Co.Clare

thomas_dermody: I was hit by a vehicle claiming to be an uber; I have pic of his drivers license and plate. Can you confirm?

j00lswatson: Planting begins around the tomb of Thomas Dermody, 1775-1802 - celebrated & prolific Irish poet but died so young....

winslowlaroche: Vincent Dermody is a white supremacist and that's Hank Willis Thomas' boy? lol

MillenniumGrown: Thomas Dermody, Executive Director of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, will be a featured speaker at the...

Fenian1888: 21stFeb1921 Vols Thomas Hennessy & Michael Dermody 1st Battalion Kilkenny Brigade IRA died fighting British Occupie...

Irish_Links: Today's birthday: Thomas Dermody, poet, born 1775 in Ennis

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