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Thomas Dermody (1775–1802) was an Irish poet. He wrote under pseudonyms including Mauritius Moonshine, and Marmaduke Myrtle.

Life Dermody was born in Ennis. He was scholarly but lived hard, and made little of his life. He spent some time as a soldier. He had the genius of a poet, and wrote fairly good poetry;but his genius was not enough. He lived for 27 years, half his life a promising boy and half a ne'er-do-well. His promise brought him generous patrons in his early days in Ireland, but he scorned the hand that fed him, denied the friends who would have nursed his genius, and ran away to England to keep bad company. Friend after friend he gained and lost. Patron after patron he abused. They clothed and cleaned him and made him pre...
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  • Jamestate121: ginni thomas bused in dozens of critical replacement theorists to the capitol on january 6th for the insurrection.
  • Numbers28: clarence thomas complaining about people not living with outcomes that they don’t like as his wife was found to be a critical member of the plotters who attempted a coup d’etat as his frightwing radical mates are overturning a 50-year precedent is beyond disgusting. it’s sick!
  • Nathaliejacoby1: new: clarence thomas said he worries that respect for institutions is eroding. correct me if i am wrong but wasn’t his wife, ginni thomas, an insurrection participant? who else thinks he should look within and then resign?✋
  • Nathaliejacoby1: do you think clarence thomas is a hypocrite for saying the supreme court can’t be “bullied” when his own wife allegedly tried to bully congress into overturning the election?
  • Johndail1591: anybody notice how quick roberts was to investigate the leak,but not ginni thomas??
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