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Theresa May Books, Theresa May poetry book Toilet Training Without Tears Authors: Charles E. Schaefer, Theresa Foy DiGeronimo
Publisher: Signet Book
Published Date: 1989
Categories: Toilet training
Since no one toilet-training method is right for every child, renowned child-care expert Dr. Charles E. Schaefer has created a guide that explains how--and at what ages--the four most popular methods work. Includes a tear-out list of important do's and don'ts.

Theresa May Books, Theresa May poetry book Descendants of Bernard Gormley, the Immigrant to New Brunswick, Canada, 1831-1982 Authors: Verne Raymond Spear, Theresa Marie Gormley Spear
Publisher: Freeport, Me. : Dingley Press
Published Date: 1982
Bernard Gormley/Gormely (ca. 1831-1888) emigrated from Derry, Ireland prior to 1856 when he married Sarah Logue (1827-1859) in New Brunswick, Canada. In 1863, he married Margaret Harrin/Bridget Harown (1844-1922). Descendants remained chiefly in Canada, but some immigrated to Maine, Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States.

Theresa May Books, Theresa May poetry book Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear Authors: Theresa Gowanlock, Theresa Delaney
Publisher: Parkdale : Times Office
Published Date: 1885
Categories: Cree Indians
Part I contains Theresa Gowanlock's account; Part II contains Theresa Delaney's account.

Theresa May Books, Theresa May poetry book Readings in Performance and Ecology Authors: Wendy Arons, Theresa J. May
Publisher: Springer
Published Date: 2016-04-30
Categories: Performing Arts
This ground-breaking collection focuses on how theatre, dance, and other forms of performance are helping to transform our ecological values. Top scholars explore how familiar and new works of performance can help us recognize our reciprocal relationship with the natural world and how it helps us understand the way we are connected to the land.

Theresa May Books, Theresa May poetry book Greening Up Our Houses Authors: Larry K. Fried, Theresa J. May
Publisher: Drama Publishers
Published Date: 1994
Categories: Performing Arts
This is the first book of its kind in the country, filled with detailed information about eco-management strategies. It examines the business of theatre--from scenic design to program design, from artistic direction to janitorial services--for the environmental impact information into one easy-to-use reference.

Theresa May Books, Theresa May poetry book Salmon is Everything Authors: Theresa J. May
Publisher: First Peoples: New Directions
Published Date: 2014
Categories: History
Salmon is Everything is the script and the story of a collaboratively developed play that gave voice to the role of salmon in tribal life--and documented an unprecedented fish kill in the Klamath watershed.

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In secret woodland with her company.
'Tis thought the peasants' hovels know her rite
When now the wolds are bathed in silver light,
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