In the heart of Wudil-Kano,
Lies the mother of all West African police institutions.
The activities of this Academy thrives beyond the landscape of Wudil-Kano,
From North to South, East to West, Nigerians sought after this institution.
Some abandoned their ongoing education and flew to Wudil-Kano,
Only for the single purpose of acquiring education,
Needed to serve their father land patriotically not only in Wudil-Kano,
But in the whole geographical entity of the nation.

Come with me to this prestigious institution,
If you wish to take part in the policing of this great nation.
On our entrance at the gate, we sacrificed our liberty,
For the very decision we took to serve humanity.
Sharply and unequivocally instruction came to change our dress,
From the "mufti" we wore to the cherished angelic "white and white" dress.
We submitted ourselves, our bags and baggage for scrutiny by eagle-eyed instructors,
Then we packed them at once, put them on our heads and advanced with instructors.

The echo of our morale sent a signal to the waiting Superiors,
Expectedly we arrived at the base of the gallant men,
Who were ready to instill discipline in us and make us into discipline Superiors,
Self discipline is required of a future Superior Police Officer who is to command men.
Absolute and unquestioned obedience to our Superiors will make the Academy a second home,
And disobedience will only leave us having nostalgia for home.
Within a short period we are on pass, then again we report for parades,
This routine continues till the final, Passing-Out-Parade.

Our day begins at 03:00hrs, "to be a man no be one day job",
Our daily activities end at 22:00hrs if at all "we no buy job".
In this routine of combination of police training and academics,
We must set a balance between the duo wings; police and academics.
All this we go through to become not just Superior Police Officers,
But possessors of integrity and good virtues, incorruptible Officers.
We the Regulars want to bring to reality "Police is your friend" to all,
With our reliance only on God, the Protector of all.