Her monsters, they come out at night
She tries not to fill her eyes with fright
Tugging under the pillow
Trying not to let the darkness make her feel low
Still brightness is not near
The atmosphere is filled with fear
She thought to herself, staring at the ceiling
How do I escape this feeling?
But if I escape, is there even a chance of healing?

Her monsters, they still come out at night
She thought to herself, now how do I fight?
She died a little everyday
Her soul had now turned grey
She clenched her fist extremely tight
Hoping everything would be alright

Then a thought struck her mind, is this another hallucination?
Is this another imagination?

She is still scared of haunting dark
This insomnia leaves a huge mark
She sees the sound and hears the light
Why is she seized by such a plight?
Her monsters still come out at night.

Tansi Mehrotra
9th May 2019 – 11:14 am