Dark Glory Of Monarch Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When the dark awaits the throneA
Though shall be it's arrivalB
A right never crashes upon the wrongC
Never shall the country be it's rivalB
The past rumours all remains in ashD
But it's eyes remains on the MonarchE
The civilians will run for cashD
And the soldiers will MarchF
A mist of fear scare shall remainG
When it walks in the city of empty roadsH
Never shall you think yourself as mainG
When it lurks in the crowdI
The ministers will enjoy it's wealthJ
The poor will enjoy their labourK
Never shall a truth meltL
And the freedom shall never be ourM
The dread upon the dreadN
The lie upon the echoing voiceO
The laws of the ancestor never readN
Never shall the happiness be your choiceO

Tamanna Majumdar
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/08/2024

Poet's note: This poem relates to all the greeds in people, what really was a monarch? and how if affected the different status of people . Is all that I expressed here will writing it ....


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