Eavesdropper Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


y growerA
Mole on my shoulderA
To be scratched absentlyB
To bleed if it comes to thatC
The stain of the tropicsD
Still urinous on you a sinE
A kind of bush stinkF
You may be localB
But that yellowB
Your body oneG
Long nicotine fingerA
On which IH
White cigaretteI
Burn for your inhalationG
Driving the dull cells wildJ
Let me roost in youK
My distractions my pallorsD
Let them start the queer alchemyL
That melts the skinE
Gray tallow from bone and boneM
So I saw your much sickerA
Predecessor wrapped upN
A six and a half foot wedding cakeO
And he was not even maliciousD
Do not think I don't notice your curtainG
Midnight four o'clockP
Lit you are readingQ
Tarting with the drafts that passD
Little tongueR
Chenille beckonerA
Beckoning my words inE
The zoo yowl the mad softS
Mirror talk you love to catch me atC
How you jumped when I jumped on youK
Arms folded ear cockedT
Toad yellow under the dropU
That would not would not dropU
In a desert of cow peopleB
Trundling their udders homeV
To the electric milker the wifey the big blue eyeH
That watches like God or the skyH
The ciphers that watch itW
I calledX
You crawled outY
A weather figure bogglingQ
Belge troll the lowB
Church smileB
Spreading itself like butterA
This is what I am in forA
Flea bodyL
Eyes like miceD
Flicking over my propertyL
Levering letter flapsD
Scrutinizing the flyH
Of the man's pantsD
Dead on the chair backZ
Opening the fat smiles the eyesD
Of two babiesD
Just to make sureA
Toad stone Sister Sweet neighborA

Sylvia Plath


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