Life snapped for a moment,
Clock! clicked right now.
Shocked! I was left behind,
while caravan moved on.

No idea to board where,
towards infinite or indefinite.
Lost and alone tracking signals,
standby in the zero junction.

Made record mistakes in life,
never-ever broken any heart.
Character is like a black coal,
can torch the flames in dawn.

Virgin songbird winged by,
the beauty of the jasmine flower.
Relishing the honeymoon period,
awaiting season for the holy shower.

Taken off with plunge,
the spirit of the underdog.
Destiny! struck by storm,
crash-landed into the desert town.

I feel like squib, and
my soul is being sucked
by dementors. Conjuring a patronus,
to fight like a brave wizard.

Deciphering the prophecy, counting
fortune stars amid the midnight smog.
Penning musings along with the tea,
syncing deep feelings in the dark.

Wandering in search of myself,
lost in filter of transition.
Surfing in the waves of
memories, triggered by insomnia.

Across is my dream, where
rest sacred divine and peace.
Beyond will only remain, the
echoes of pain and redemption.

To retreat and rise again,
Time will bring opportunity.
Maneuver slingshot past barriers,
fire invincible and break free.