Poetry Books by Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book Borrowed Design Authors: Steven Heller, Julie Lasky
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
Published Date: 1993
Categories: Art and history
"In Borrowed Design, Steven Heller and Julie Lasky offer a critical assessment of the use and abuse of what designers employ or ""borrow"" to creatae their works. Contemporary designers often engage historical styles for their own objectives without fully understanding a style's original context of purpose. Borrowed Design is an invaluable source for any student or professional in graphic or fine arts who intends to establish personal guidelines regarding the appropriate use of history in their work."

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book The First Quarter Authors: Steven L. Kent
Publisher: B W D Press
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Computer games
As a child, Philip Sherlock loved to listen to folk tales. Since then he has made a significant contribution to Caribbean folklore by recording many of them in print for the first time. Here are fables of the birds and animals of the West Indies: jaguar, snake, crested curassow, wild pig, parrot, wise owl, and of Anansi--the spider who can assume human form. These twenty-one stories are a wonderful mixture of early tales from the Arawak and the Carib people, the original inhabitants of the Caribbean, and from the Ashanti people of West Africa. Read together they help to provide a background to the history of the West Indies. The stories are retold here in a warm, rich style--some tales gentle and philosophical, some humorous and full of action.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book Cinematic Motion Authors: Steven Douglas Katz
Published Date: 2004
Categories: Performing Arts
The book uses extensive illustrations to explain how to create extended sequence shots, elaborate moving camera choreography, and tracking shots with multiple story points.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book Philistines at the Hedgerow Authors: Steven S. Gaines
Publisher: Wheeler Publishing, Incorporated
Published Date: 1998
Categories: Fiction
Chronicles the lifestyles of the rich and famous along Long Island's exclusive seaside resort, revealing how the region's celebrities relate to their own properties

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book E. T. Authors: William Kotzwinkle, Steven Spielberg
Publisher: Touchstone
Published Date: 2002
Categories: Fiction
Stripped of his powers for displaying signs of earthly corruption, E.T. must elude the elite guards of the Starcruiser fleet, escape to Earth, and guide Elliott through his awkward transition into manhood.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book Amistad Authors: Steven Spielberg, Maya Angelou
Publisher: Newmarket Press
Published Date: 1999-06-15
Categories: Performing Arts
This elegant volume commemorates the creation of an extraordinary movie, featuring: specially commissioned watercolors which served as "storyboards"; production and historical photos and documents; essays by director Spielberg, producer Allen (who pursued the project for 13 years), and poet Angelou; and a lengthy text on the making of the film about the fight for freedom by 53 Africans, who, in 1839, were captured as slaves and who rebelled on the Spanish slave ship Amistad.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book Catch Me If You Can Authors: Steven Spielberg, Jeff Nathanson
Publisher: Newmarket Press
Published Date: 2002-12-09
Categories: Performing Arts
With more than 100 color photos, the companion book to the major DreamWorks film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks. Engaging in a game of cat and mouse in the real-life crime drama, Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Di Caprio) worked as a doctor, a lawyer, and as a co-pilot for a major airline-all before his 18th birthday. A master of deception, he was also a brilliant forger, whose skill gave him his first real claim to fame: At the age of 17, Frank Abagnale, Jr. became the most successful bank robber in the history of the United States. FBI Agent Carl Hanratty (Hanks) made it his prime mission to capture Frank and bring him to justice, but Frank was always one step ahead of him, baiting him to continue the chase. With more than 100 color images, the companion book includes the complete script and behind-the-scenes photographs of this amazing true tale.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book The Last Days Authors: Steven Spielberg
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Holocaust survivors
Five survivors of the Holocaust in Hungary describe their lives before the war; the swift and barbarous execution of Hitler's policies from March 1944; and their experiences in hiding and in Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Dachau. The book also follows their return to the camps 50 years later.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book Steven Spielberg Presents We're Back! Authors: Cathy East Dubowski, Steven Spielberg
Publisher: Price Stern Sloan
Published Date: 1993
Categories: Dinosaurs
A time-traveling inventor feeds brain grain to four dinosaurs and sends them into the future to take part in an epic struggle against the evil Professor ScrewEyes. Original. Movie tie-in.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book Steven Spielberg Authors: Steven Spielberg
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Reveals the ambitious drive of the movie producer and director, including his continuous fear of failure and need for approval, and discusses the themes and issues addressed in his films.

Steven Spielberg Books, Steven Spielberg poetry book The Future of the Movies Authors: Roger Ebert, Gene Siskel, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Performing Arts
Interviews with Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas reveal the personal visions of three of America's best and most innovative directors

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