When you try so hard but it's not enough
When life seems so very harsh and tough
When you feel exhausted but sleeping is rough

Stuck in reverse.

When life seems to always tear you apart
When you can never seem to find the start
When friendships change and break your heart

Could it be worse?

When loved ones confess friendship is a lie
When you lose your way and start to cry
When all you want to do is run and fly

But you can do this.

When you try again until you complete it
When you push through the hardships bit by bit
When tiredness wants you but you won’t submit

You can resist.

When you prove that you are not so frail
When you are so very determined to not fail
When you know you can and have to prevail

You will be strong.

When you feel lifted up so very high
When friendships mend and eyes start to dry
When you can reach up to touch the stars and sky

You do belong.