Sir Samuel Ferguson Heart Poems

  • 1.
    My heart is in woe,
    And my soul deep in trouble,-
    For the mighty are low,
    And abased are the noble:
  • 2.
    Ah, had you seen the Coolun,
    Walking down by the cuckoo's street,
    With the dew of the meadow shining
    On her milk-white twinkling feet.
  • 3.
    I walked through Ballinderry in the spring-time,
    When the bud was on the tree;
    And I said, in every fresh-ploughed field beholding
    The sowers striding free,
  • 4.
    Put your head, darling, darling, darling,
    Your darling black head my heart above;
    O mouth of honey, with thyme for fragrance,
    Who, with heart in breast, could deny you love?
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