Who is Sir Samuel Ferguson

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Find sources: "Samuel Ferguson" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (January 2018) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Sir Samuel Ferguson (10 March 1810 – 9 August 1...
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Sir Samuel Ferguson Poems

  • The Fairy Thorn
    “Get up, our Anna dear, from the weary spinning-wheel;
    For your father's on the hill, and your mother is asleep;
    Come up above the crags, and we'll dance a Highland reel
    Around the Fairy Thorn on the steep.”...
  • The Downfall Of The Gael
    My heart is in woe,
    And my soul deep in trouble,-
    For the mighty are low,
    And abased are the noble:...
  • The Coolun
    Ah, had you seen the Coolun,
    Walking down by the cuckoo's street,
    With the dew of the meadow shining
    On her milk-white twinkling feet....
  • Lament For Thomas Davis
    I walked through Ballinderry in the spring-time,
    When the bud was on the tree;
    And I said, in every fresh-ploughed field beholding
    The sowers striding free,...
  • The Fair Hills Of Ireland
    From the Irish

    A plenteous place is Ireland for hospitable cheer,...
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  • 433: “he’s my boy” - sir alex ferguson
  • Mufc_redarmy99: sir alex ferguson and cristiano ronaldo, the most beautiful partnership in football.
  • Mufc_redarmy99: i just love how ole, sir alex ferguson, bruno, rio ferdinand and evra all assembled like the avengers to bring ronaldo home
  • Totalcristiano: the special relationship between cristiano ronaldo and sir alex ferguson.
  • Mufc_redarmy99: sir alex ferguson now has a statue outside two different stadiums. simply the best.
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