Who is Sir Edward Dyer

Sir Edward Dyer (October 1543 – May 1607) was an English courtier and poet.


The son of Sir Thomas Dyer, Kt., he was born at Sharpham Park, Glastonbury, Somerset. He was educated, according to Anthony Wood, either at Balliol College, Oxford or at Broadgates Hall (later Pembroke College, Oxford), and left after taking a degree. After some time abroad, he appeared at Elizabeth I's court. His first patron was Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, who seems to have thought of putting him forward as a rival to Sir Christopher Hatton for the queen's favour. He is mentioned by Gabriel Harvey, along with Sir Philip Sidney, as one of the ornaments of the court. Sidney, in his will, bequeathed his books equally between Fulke Greville and Dyer. He was made steward of Wood...
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Sir Edward Dyer Poems

  • Coridon To His Phillis
    Alas my hart, mine eye hath wrongèd thee,
    Presumptious eye, to gaze on Phillis face:
    Whose heavenly eye no mortall man may see
    But he must die, or purchase Phillis grace. ...
  • My Mind To Me A Kingdom Is
    My mind to me a kingdom is;
    Such perfect joy therein I find
    That it excels all other bliss
    Which God or nature hath assign'd. ...
  • The Lowest Trees Have Tops
    The lowest trees have tops, the ant her gall,
    The fly her spleen, the little spark his heat,
    And slender hairs cast shadows though but small,
    And bees have stings although they be not great. ...
  • The Faire Amarillis
    Amarillis was full fayre:
    The goodlyest mayde was she
    From the east unto the west
    That heaven's eye could se. ...
  • I Would And I Would Not
    I woulde it were not as it is
    Or that I cared not yea or no;
    I woulde I thoughte it not amiss,
    Or that amiss mighte blamles goo; ...
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Oneforjoybook: ‘my mind to me a kingdom is such perfect joy therein i find, that it excels all other bliss that earth affords or grows by kind.’ – sir edward dyer
Ssimam01: here are two distinguished british officers who served in the punjab: sir michael o'dwyer and colonel reginald edward dyer. they ordered section 144 in amritsar in 1919 and then carried out one of the bloodiest massacres of india in jallianwala bagh.
Anuradhasowmyan: book food language: sir edward dyer's poem - a silent poem
Oneforjoybook: ‘my mind to me a kingdom is such perfect joy therein i find, that it excels all other bliss that earth affords or grows by kind.’ – sir edward dyer
Davidcranmerun1: 1st earl of leicester; edward dyer; and sir christopher hatton. john underhill was one of three children of john edward underhill (1574–1608) and leonora honor pawley. his great-grandfather sir hugh underhill was keeper of the wardrobe for queen elizabeth at greenwich, and his
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