I’m drawing my pain in your body
A soft touch with the internal loneliness
Vibrating life to a feral reason
Outcome for the outstanding or a melancholic aftermath
As the color of my pain changes
Your yearning becomes a soothing mourn
Rusted eyedrops arrest my finger nails
A droplet of madness which bring forth a map
A vicious treasure, which the skin hide beneath
The nerve ribbon load up a new patch
Tasting her poor saliva gradation
Still it mesmerize me with repulsive pulse
I feel my absence here, I’m not me here
Where that sweet saliva from her sacred mouth goes?
That I used to call my ambrosia
I’m penetrating myself into her vein
Feminish quicksand endeavor my luster
My last hope, my last scream
Revealing my silhouette from her grace
Now I can touch my glory
Now I get tortured by torturing her embrace
Now I become her
And my deathbed can be connected with her fragrance.