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Shirley Moorjani

Shirley Moorjani Poems

  • 1.  
    What is happening,
    I really don’t know.
    I’m so confused,
    I suddenly feel so low.
  • 2.  
    Could you just
    hold my hand
    A little longer
    Could you just
  • 3.  
    The way you looked at me
    You made me smile
    To the far fetched reality
    My heart raced for a while
  • 4.  
    My dreams,
    They mean something
    But they’re really rare
    My nightmares ,
  • 5.  
    Do you love me ?
    Yes or no
    Tell me please
    I can’t control
  • 6.  
    Just take me away
    I want to live
    Not burdened by
    The souls to give
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