Beyond The Complexion Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Africa my dying landA
Africa the field of bloodB
Africa the ignorant and blindC
This mythical spiritual mantraD
A repetition of cultural irrational beliefE
Which has been prolonged from generation to generationF
For selfish desires and greediness notionF
Beyond the complexen bangabantu njengathiG
Some were rejected by societyH
and family membersI
Who believes the superstitious myth of albinosI
Some say their blood heals aidsI
and gives magical powersI
Some say body parts bearsI
wealth and successI
Some says they are a curse from the gods and spiritsI
Some were even dug from their gravesI
Some were traumatized by the brutal barbarous savages actJ
Some were tortured and mutilatedB
Some were told to be less desirable and unfit to humanityH
Some people are possessed by a demon of insanityH
This ideals steers even the hearts of ChristianityH
Who prays that the lord comes and restore unityH
While we stand and look at Africa vanishes into vanityH
The mass of freedom in Africa dance in despairK
This demons believes that albinos can float on waterL
Just because of the melanin pigmentation of their skinM
In a land filled with distress depression and disasterL
A land filled with agony affliction and anxietyH
A land consumed by witchcraft catastrophe and irremediable calamityH
A land were blood seemed to be an emblem of wealth and successI
Blood begets bloodB
Violence breeds violenceI
Homicide bears homicideN
How pitiful are you to dig a pit to fill another pitO
Africa let us unite in kindnessI
Sow love and reap loveP
Oh Nkosi yami ngabe soneniM
Buyophela nini buthakathi ezweniM
Bogogmkhulu nemithi nokufunca ugaziI
Nkanti alusekho olunye ucebo ngaphandle kwegaziI
Nawe uthulile uthiniM
Beyond the complexion bangabantu njengathiG

Senty De Poet
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/13/2019


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