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DavinReynolds5: 1788/9: Washington 1792: Washington 1796: Jefferson 1800: Jefferson 1804: Jefferson 1808: Madison 1812: abstain 1816: Monroe 1820: Monroe 1824: Clay 1828: Quincy Adams 1832: Clay 1836: Van Buren 1840: Harrison 1844: Clay 1848: Taylor 1852: Scott 1856: Fremont

getbusy61: Scott Adams breaks down the correlation between the corporate medias trajectory over the last 10 years and the increase in racial tensions/division in that same time frame. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, what do you think?

TheGhostWolf17: Scott Adams “this cannot be fixed.”

GhSplash: Singer Peggy Scott-Adams Cause of Death, How Did Peggy Scott-Adams Die ?It is with great sorrow that we learn of the passing of blues diva and legend Peggy Scott Adams. She sang you to tears and had the best hugs. She also always smelled so delicious. The American singer ...

frommydarling: White Americans are so tolerant that it has gotten to the point of the 13 % of population bullying them for years and years until Scott Adams pointed out the obvious and trans lunatic murdering children to figure out that maybe they shouldn't take bullshit from these people.

babbarfan43: Patriots Dolzeal monkey Odell crushed Fox Kanye and you scott adams

WilliamA_33: There's no fixing this. ~ Scott Adams


SirLurkington: Scott Adams goes undercover for the Day of Vengeance.

ScottAdamsSays: Coffee With Scott Adams — Every day at 10 AM ET Today - Narcan and ED spray confusion - First Amendment and DeSantis - Media causes all of our problems - Reason for the collapse of civilizations - Congress screws America on TikTok

babbarfan43: I amazing is so Skip Bayless deplorables and her liars! scott adams

PaulSchlienz: "Given that the Amish are at 90% herd immunity, as recently reported, without using masks or social distancing, does that confirm for you that masks and/or social distancing work?" - Scott Adams

saturnspotato: scott pilgrim vs the world would have a better ending if ramona flowers and envy adams got together

jazznbluesjrney: Peggy Scott Adams Live 2013

roepoeronnepon: Blues and R&B star Peggy Scott-Adams dies at age 74

MWesterberg007: Blues and R&B star Peggy Scott-Adams dies at age 74

babbarfan43: Donald jumps lick Brady us gays libtards everyday feminists scott adams

laceegroove: R.I.H Peggy Scott Adams

Budda_Fly: Peggy Scott Adams - Bill (OfficialVideo)

babbarfan43: It's Dolzeal loves best got Fox can't her Hillary scott adams

originator39: “The Anti-Vaxxers Won!” – Admits “Dilbert” Creator Scott Adams

ScottAdamsSays: Coffee With Scott Adams — Every day at 10 AM ET Today - Standardized test for wokeness - “No one is above the law” is moronic - Democrat goals versus GOP systems - TikTok ban is fake - Trans versus guns

DrSteveFeldman: I love the Dilbert cartoon and want to know (in context) more about what Scott Adams said and what he meant (not just unrepresentative clips). I found the original "rant" here:

originator39: “Stay The F*ck Away From Black People!” Says Dilbert Creator Scott Adams

RadioMax: In Memoriam: Peggy Scott-Adams (1948 – 2023)

boredjew: I know, Scott Adams and all that, but this is well said:

Soproncopo007: The Case for Defending Scott Adams

TheDOT98957019: Scott Adams has said Banks are obsolete. Bravo. I have been saying that for decades. There is nothing a banker can do, a simple county clerk and a CPU terminal can do. There is no reason to work so hard to make them so fat and happy. They add no value. Bankers are obsolete.

TheSono71468392: The Female Skull ~ 5 heads ~ Dial M for Mason ~ No Brow Bone ~ Soft Pretty Close set eyes ~ Pink Lips ~ Small mouth ~ No Adams apple ~ Scott Weiland

babbarfan43: I and is hate believe CNN reports you liars! scott adams

ballbr: Good morning. If you're not up by now you're probably the type of person Scott Adams hates

babbarfan43: Sarah me Sanders Trump is forget hate blacks crooked scott adams

ballbr: Scott Adams walks up in the club and hits the Dilbert, leaves with all the women.

babbarfan43: Lebron me tastey Brady is from libtards believe emails scott adams

dablickidis: Notice the difference in response to this, compared to Scott Adams…

BurntBurger420: Where's my Scott Adams mug jpg

ChristianDeco5: "I love you like a fat kid loves cake!" -Scott Adams-

dikkii: It was about this point that Scott Adams decided to identify as everything and everyone with the preferred pronouns we/us just to shut up his critics. And of course everyone laughed at him.

gvodotnews: Like Scott Adams said, there is no reconciliation. You're not even allowed to memorialize your own fallen. Even if they could understand your arguments, why would they? Living near White tax slaves is essential to maintaining their hedonistic lifestyles.

AnarchKT: For the past few weeks i’ve started back listening to Scott Adams & I’ve enjoyed it for the most part but I forgot how anti-China he was ‘cus his stepson died of fentanyl overdose & his hate for China has made him become extra irrational at times. Much like many other Americans..

RightGlockMom: The Scott Adams Scandal in Reverse Proves Our Racial Double Standard

HowieBye: Scott Adams thanks Obama was not the problem. It was the right leaning media. What the hell is the right leaning media? Adams picks up a turd, polishes it with his warped mine and then thinks everyone is supposed to agree with him.

ConcerCitizen1: Soaring w Buzzards... The Scott Adams Scandal in Reverse Proves Our Racial Double Standard

dainbramaged_: “And, once we settle on a final standard for acceptable public speech, it must either punish both Adams and DiAngelo, or neither. A house divided, as to what the most basic rules of behavior are, cannot long stand.”

wil_da_beast630: I just wrote an article about this phenomenon, which can be found here.

DAUK2021: This is one of the answers to Scott Adams question "how did you know?"

imyourmoderator: The important part is that it lies about Trump’s claims of election fraud being baseless. The claims of election fraud are true beyond a shadow of a doubt. That’s why they used propaganda, censorship, and threats to make sure no one even talked about it. Of course, Scott Adams…

kopitoad: JBP, DeSantis, and Scott Adams are controlled opposition

ScottAdamsSays: Coffee With Scott Adams — Every day at 10 AM ET Today - Trump charges dropped? - Why AI will be illegal - School choice strategy that works - TikTok shows us which politicians are bought off - CRT lowers Black test scores

ScotlandNT: Scotland squad update. IN: Lawrence Shankland. OUT: Anthony Ralston & Ché Adams

babbarfan43: It's and lick clear got forget reports you feminists scott adams

akmcintyre: I could not live without a daily dose of Dilbert reality! So I Joined Coffee With Scott Adams today!

RexHorne7: Scott Adams "Dilbert" is right. GTFA

FinDelaney2: Mama was right when she threw out the Trash.

JustAdamTroy: Has anyone actually seen Scott Adams in the flesh since this?

RealMaat: Yea, and this is more proof that black America is lost, and a huge problem collectively in America! "There's no fixing this" ~Scott Adams!

SoulofSowell: Is this not literally the Scott Adams idea in reverse? Lmao

wolfofariosophy: I’m vindicated again! Called every name in the book (even Scott Adams said I was “lucky”, he was nicer than others) when I predicted that the copevid shots would ironically make people more susceptible to the v1rus Tried to save as many people as I could!

ULTRA_MAJESTY: You'll Never Guess Who AGREES With "Dilbert" Creator Scott Adams About BIack People!

babbarfan43: Lebron me onions hate did CNN immigrants nope liars! scott adams

stephen16976982: Episode 2027 Scott Adams: AI Goes Woke, I Accidentally Joined A Hate Gro...

babbarfan43: Mike Dave Matthews is Michael Jordan for Fox Jordan Peterson he gets scott adams

Right_Side_FJB: Scott Adams is right. Move far away from these people

ScottAdamsSays: Coffee With Scott Adams — Every day at 10 AM ET Today - Trump Rally and legal issues - Ye tries a comeback - Trump tries a kill shot - Interacting with people who believe the news - TikTok and AOC

DefinesWomen: *Scott Adams looking at the explosion from outside the blast radius.

mickleon: “Teacher’s Unions are the biggest form of systematic racism” - Scott Adams.

garethlwatkins: They should get Scott Adams to finish Berserk.

Shabbosgoy: Scott Adams was right: "there's no fixing this."

IamEXS: Saturday my "for you" gives me more Scott Adams polarization tweets because the 9-5 crowd has a little more free time

SeamusMulsow: Scott Adams: That's like sorting turds to find the good ones.

globalcounselor: Scott Adams says NeverTrumpers are hoping for "real" indictments against Trump, like the 'find votes' allegations, and Scott adds this is like, 'sorting turds to find the good ones.'

dantypo: Boy Scott Adams is completely incapable of owning a misstep. I’m almost embarrassed for him… but he’s such a dick that I can’t bring myself to be.

Ready4Actionnn: The Scott Adams memes are WAY funnier than the Spice Mom

babbarfan43: Donald Trump Pence loves best Kanye forget love nope crooked scott adams

ScottAdamsSays: Coffee With Scott Adams — Every day at 10 AM ET Today - Anti-Trumpers pick through the scat - Syria trouble - Green energy is racist - TikTok diversions

HankShedwrecker: More proof Scott Adams was right. Stop interacting. Stop emulating. Stop trying to relate.

daxtonbrown: Scott Adams Speaks Out About Why He Said What He Said

brielarsonbr: Brie Larson falando a famosa frase da Envy Adams em Scott Pilgrim vs The World: “Being vegan just makes you better than most people”

ShadowPowerup: Imagining if Scott Adams's new strip was called "OFFICE POWERUP COMICS" and it featured what our characters would be like if they worked in an office. He would sure get revenge on us if he did that.


oliver_drk: One month anniversary of Scott “Dilbert” Adams canceling himself.

statisticsphd: Scott Adams was martyred for saying 2+2 = 4. REMEMBER, MATH IS RACIST.

curfew_gull: I kind of like how the for you tab is an ever-shifting stream of nightmares with no root identity. Currently mine is all cernovich and scott adams and libs of tik tok shit but also numerous anne hathaway stan accounts

lyriclights1: ‘White Fragility’ Author Comes Out for Segregation, Yet Isn’t Canceled Like Scott Adams

babbarfan43: Lebron Dolzeal wax Shrek and strong and he dumb scott adams

illtakemystand1: Let’s not kid ourselves that Scott Adams’s advice wasn’t something white people had already been following for a long time.

DarkwebShaman: Did Scott Adams ever find those videos of Asian gangs beating up White teenagers

dickmasterson: This woman did effortlessly what Scott Adams torched his career to blow.

John_Dantzler: I will say this for Lauren Boebert: she is Scott Adams’ first funny character.

TheMetroidPrime: Scott Adams' 50%s:

Newsweek: Dilbert finds a new home after creator's racist tirade

2bWhiteisRight: Oh, the irony! When Scott Adams made a similar suggestions for Whites to stay away from blacks, his cartoon was dropped. Yet, this bootlicker DiAngelo receives accolades for saying the same thing.

Basedeyeballs: He then mentions Scott Adams right after this unironically, not realizing Robin DeAngelo said the exact same thing Adams said and got away with it. Incredible.

babbarfan43: Lebron Pence tastey best Skip Bayless forget deleted her you scott adams

desir_le: Scott Adams vindicated

ScottAdamsSays: Coffee With Scott Adams — Every day at 10 AM ET Today - DeSantis fades - Idiot thinks TikTok is a “got no swag” issue - Olive Stone’s pro nuclear energy film - Bragg fails big - Using AI at work - Adderall emergency

unexpected_post: Dilbert Finds a New Home After Creator's Racist Tirade For more articles like this, see:

UltraDane: Scott Adams tries his best not to laugh at California's reparation plan!

1776DEFEATS1984: ‘White Fragility’ Author Comes Out for Segregation, Yet Isn’t Canceled Like Scott Adams

NoWhiteGuiltNWG: Scott Adams is Old, and I Will Tell You How He Is Wrong Again – Vid Review – But I Can Help | RIGF

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