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shaTIRED: i’d rather be wrong about believing someone was abusive than wrong about believing someone wasn’t abused. maybe that’s just me.

CSMFHT: One of the most insane takes of all time

jennieandroses: they were behind me and they were so cute together ahdkfhskshiwevga

sakuatsuqbot: sakuatsu in the crooks of your body, i find my religion. - sappho

suiapple1: Death of Sappho

DeAngelisCorey: Randi Weingarten GASLIGHTING again about "the urgent work of helping kids recover from learning loss, from sadness, from depression, and from the other effects of the pandemic." Her union fought to keep schools closed.

wintersxult: i love how hayley kiyoko is the modern sappho… like why did everything that was kinda my awakening always tie back to her?? love her for it tho

b2l_Literature: Graceful modern translations of all the surviving poems and fragments of Sappho, Greece's most famous woman poet. : Sappho

AlagShray: Sappho's celery poem makes me think about how SLEushi Salon makes me want to die, no?.

lifestyleprism: "What cannot be said will be wept." - Sappho.

VikiSouleStone: " lyre speak to me" Sappho

sacha_coward: POV you are the little ladybird on my windowsill that I just named Sappho.

Wollstonebot: The geranium illuminates Sappho to be seen

womenforchange5: Leigh Matthews, 21, was kidnapped and murdered in July 2004 by Donovan Moodley, 24. Today, on 28 March 2023, Moodley will appear in court for his second parole hearing. We are standing with Leigh’s parents, Sharon and Rob, demanding no parole for Donovan Moodley.

womenforchange5: Tshimangadzo Muofhe, 32, was shot and killed allegedly by her husband, Mainfred Mphikeleli Shikwambana, 35, in Polokwane on 27 March 2023. The husband allegedly turned the gun on himself after shooting his wife. Police confirmed that the bodies were found by a family member.

CountDeadWomen: GUILTY: Allan Scott, 42, murdered his landlady, Patricia (Pat) Holland, 83, at the home they shared in Norfolk, 24 July 2021. He then burned her body in a bonfire. He is also convicted of preventing an unlawful burial.

evetushnet: icymi, a newsletter about a new(ish) translation of Sappho, and a memoir of 7th grade

MissZephyra: Men don't want to solve so called "male issues". They love them. They want to use them to explain away patriarchy and to act as if there is no such thing as female oppression and male privilege.

CountDeadWomen: SENTENCED: Gary Bennett, 37, murdered his partner, Madison Wright, 30, on 22 July, 2022. He then hid her body in a park in Pitsea, Basildon. Life sentence with minimum of 20 years.

MissZephyra: Incels: we hate women and want to enslave and kill them Feminists: men oppress women Society: both is the same picture, two sides of the same coin, they should marry each other

nggrette: You better hope your trauma is healed when you decide to call me a uterus haver. Cuz imma dig deep and get your ass together. Imma wake everything up.

Sappho_Rin: 32) Ascetic: - We Are Not All Dead

ReduxxMag: Female students at the University of Wyoming are suing their sorority after it allowed a trans-identified male to join. The suit alleges that Artemis Langford has been "watching" the women undress in the sorority house, sometimes while erect.

aliterarybot: But of our dalliance no more signs there are, Than fishes leave in stream, or birds in air —John Donne, 'Sappho to Philaenis'

phemoid: Don’t go into male spaces thinking you can convince them women are human. You can’t. Organize with other women, wake them up.

CountDeadWomen: GUILTY: David Redfern, 45, has been convicted of murdering a stranger, Margaret Barnes, 71. He beat her up in Barmouth, Wales, outside his home.

leowbot: someone, i tell you, will remember us, even in another time -sappho

litpatches_txt: Sappho's Poems but with items crafted from Blueprints.

Wollstonebot: The rose asks of Sappho to be desired

sugateef: sappho.......i am so sorry...

sugateef: sappho i am not ur strongest warrior......

goneavenue: girl that's not roseanne batumbakal, that's ROSEANNE BEATRICE

pinkgor3: idk why males act like they have monopoly on ambition or independence or even greed. you’ll have to put a gun to their heads to make them do smth for free but women are expected to live their life doing free domestic labour for some bottom of the barrel specimen??

bindelj: Rape has effectively been decriminalised:

tinycharlll: this being shown on a meme page, women's suffering and abuse will forever be funny for men.

gyaru_sappho: we need to start a radfem reading list :) its so annoying reading a really good book, only for them to throw in a "TWAW"! blurb that completely destroys the argument the book was originally making!

gyaru_sappho: how are you going to write a book on medical misogyny about WOMEN DYING & then at the end toss in a "men-in-dresses, who are totes women, are also at risk" *no source/stat/anything about this magical suggestion

heinzsight2020: And 20mins later a john likely picked her up while telling himself she “chooses” prostitution and he is a “customer” who is “helping support her business”.

ro_wren: Living in fear of the moment that the online Gen Z realize that Sappho's school of girls had problematic age gaps

sakuatsuqbot: sakuatsu in the crooks of your body, i find my religion. - sappho

AlagShray: Sappho's celery poem is causing relationship problems, but idk....

rapplerdotcom: Thousands of Filipino BLINKs flocked to the Philippine Arena on March 25 and 26 to witness K-pop girl group BLACKPINK make history with their BORN PINK world tour in Manila. Full story:

Bruce_L_Hartman: "The power of Jesus is not found in the popular things. rather, His power is found in the truth."

FamilyProjectTX: Chemically castrating and mutilating the bodies of minors to appease your gender ideology gods doesn't fall under parental choice. Nice try though.

Maranatha7774: This is how salvation will look like in the tribulation. You will have to die for Jesus - or hide and survive the most horrific 7 years the world has ever seen! DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST, you will go straight to HELL! Please come to Jesus TODAY while there's still…

stillgray: The RESTRICT act, which is ostensibly being put in place to ban TikTok, is actually a Trojan horse for full government surveillance—and a total end to your right to privacy. Beyond providing the government with the ability to moderate and censor what you

filmsbygays: when you finally see yourself for who you truly are

girldeniro: putting ancient greek poetess sappho on my stan list, does anyone know if she did anything problematic?

Crackerphoenix: Suffering Sappho that's a good poem

Capt_IntroV: RWBY’s way with sapphic characters always makes me smile because it’s so on the nose Ilia’s last name is literally rainbow SAPHron and Terra Cotta-Arc being named after Sappho and iirc some of her work that survived, were on terracotta pottery Bees kiss in a garden of lilies

Bedouin105: Tell everyone Now, today, I shall sing beautifully for my friend's pleasure Sappho

rgaudio21: Death of Sappho by Miguel Carbonell Selva, 1881

whencyclopedia: Fresco showing a woman holding writing implements, a wax tablet and stylus. Commonly called Sappho, the fresco actually portrays a high-society Pompeian woman. From Pompeii, ca. 50 CE. (Naples National Archaeological Museum).

lesbohimbo: “hell yeah I’m a dick, girl… adDICKted to you” -Sappho, 630 BC

sharkismus: i am grateful i fell in love with you in that latin 1 class. however, i am grateful i will never love you the way orpheus loved eurydice. i will only be able to want you as sappho did.

gojuris: Just realized how cooking for someone you love has layers of love language. Cooking - Service Gift - The Food Quality Time - Eating it together Physical Touch - Knees touching Affirmation - Saying I love you

sapphicsandyy: get this to 1.7M or else! OR ELSE!

sapphicsandyy: im struggling but hourly tweet

irispearson03: I see in this the same impulse as in Selby Wynn Schwartz’s ‘After Sappho’ - and maybe even Hazel Carby’s ‘Imperial Intimacies’ & Saidiya Hartman’s ‘Wayward Lives’ /2

allinteract: Sappho is a platform where anyone can access scientific evidence and discuss the evidence. Harmful hoaxes such as showing there is no causal relationship between having lived violence in one's home as a child and future violence perpetration have been clarified thanks to dialogue

allinteract: In Sappho, the statement "Love does not Kill" was clarified as scientific evidence in 2020 by discussing scientific evidence of social impact published in top ranked journals in the gender field. The Social Media Analysis of the impact of this clarification shows that it's a hoax

solunayaa: She was a punk She did ballet

kyuuqkyuuq: h1 gUy$u3

TheImportanceOL: "Many a prostitute lives a nobler life than a successful business man. What if Sappho sinned? For although she sinned, she also loved, and to those who love much, much will be forgiven." - Lin Yutang

qwertyuiop51559: Sappho's Ode to Aphrodite in ancient Greek | Performing

ann92959081: Jane Graverol, The Suffering Of Sappho (1950)

sapphicsandyy: hourly tweet if u see this ur gay

YouCanBeLikeHer: Ambition is clever not spiteful. Sappho was ambitious. Be like her.

AlagShray: Sappho's celery poem makes me think about how SLEcturer doesn't make any sense, right guys??.

sakuatsuqbot: sakuatsu someone, i tell you, in another time will remember us. - sappho

gagasxmargulies: sappho was so real for this

sportswithem: my sister in sappho is built like a Taki and he STILL goes down in one hit, eat shit bro lmao

sakuatsuqbot: sakuatsu you came and I was crazy for you and you cooled my mind that burned with longing. - sappho

sappho_draws: i kin harrowhark nonagesimus but not in my ability to get bitches despite being stinky and on the brink of death but the need to bury every complicated emotion under anger and strive for perfection because then at least i will be worth something

sad_sappho: Minister for Justice : Judge Martin Nolan resignation - Sign the Petition!

JoametteGil: They’ve set a limit to the amount of plasma testosterone may be naturally occurring in a woman’s body in order for her to compete. The limit bans Caster Semenya, Christine Mboma, and Francine Niyonsaba from future competition (all previous cisgender champions).

crsonshaws: can someone pls get a vid of d’arcy saying “gay rights” at the next show? just like those ones of olivia coleman, rachel weisz, cate blanchett etc?

unearthedplays: Sappho - Flex [00:32]

sakuatsuqbot: sakuatsu someone, i tell you, in another time will remember us. - sappho

lesbinin: Xena getting Sappho to write a poem for her girlfriend (no homo)

blackintheempir: Did the US Gov't really think they could get away with weaponizing the dollar forever, before countries came together to form strategic alliances to protect themselves?

blackintheempir: No people know less about what the US Gov't really does around the world than Americans

FreeSpeechAmer: Politico is forced to backtrack after calling DA Alvin Bragg a by-the-book prosecutor, quietly changing the headline to “liberal.”

blackintheempir: The problem the West has had in trying to sell their version of why this war started and who provoked it, is that the Global South knows that they are lying. We in the West are the only ones falling for our Govts propaganda

USATODAY: At least two dozen bills have been introduced in 15 states this year, all seeking to somehow undo DEI efforts at colleges.

bennyjohnson: The regime is trying to go after Trump for a manufactured fake crime, meanwhile Hunter Biden has committed dozens of crimes on camera and has implicated his father in profiting from influence peddling, but he’s still walking free. Make it make sense.

MdBreathe: The lipid nanoparticle was designed to go everywhere, so when the government said the contents of the shot would not go beyond the arm, that was a lie from day 1.

ACTBrigitte: I will never give up my gas stove!

FarAwayPhantom: don’t let Vaush or Hypnotist Sappho see this

sunlightsappho: i am once again thinking about sappho fragment 191

KristoforMinta: Yes, you have After Babel, but do you have Steiner’s Penguin anthology of Modern Verse Translation? Hardy taking on Sappho? Joyce doing Keller? Beckett, Merwin, HD? Treasure!

pinkgor3: absolutely love all the whining in the replies and quotes. when women can’t get into a field it’s bc she’s stupid and incapable, but when males are denied access to anything it’s suddenly oppression and unfair treatment. have you considered that y’all are just too dumb

____matthi: If not winter -Sappho

General_Franco: May Hypnotist Sappho burn in hell

CrosswordBot: Nobody got it. The answer was: SAPPHO

Sappho_Rin: 30) Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)

sheyelledshazam: My ‘S’ must stand for Sappho cause— women.

jthomas3703: Sappho is so devastating

jewishartbot: Sappho and Erinna in a Garden at Mytilene by Simeon Solomon, 1864

med_sappho: I love fake news headlines and I’m choosing to believe all headlines as truth now

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But if thy object Fame's far summits be,
Whose inclines many a skeleton o'erlies
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