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OzziesFriends: Wednesday walks with alex joined by , Timmy, lucy, Sappho and holly

Sappho_was_MERF: btw I have to make a reservation at my gym, disinfect upon entering, get questioned at the reception, clean everything before and after use, have to keep 6 feet distance, a lot of equipment is literally put in cubicles, so they put in enough measures to prevent spreading COVID-19

bryanbehar: So, more people have been charged for protesting Breonna Taylor’s murder than for committing it?

dwdiscourse: sonya khan travelled back in time to meet sappho

novemberdad: Sappho

IfyNwadiwe: Cops have the motto "make it home at the end of the day", social workers make sure EVERYONE makes it home at the end of the day.

sad_sapphic_69: Sappho fragment 126

bacardiego_: READ THIS !! this is a critically endangered endemic species in mexico. theyre on the verge of going extinct bc of fishing and the pollution of their habitat. their population has gone down 99,99% in the last 20 yrs. if theyre “so cute” help us save them with this petition below

liIithcoven: a few men not being misogynistic changes nothing, like literally absolutely nothing

SakotaDage: I can’t believe we’re all in our 20’s with literally no stability in life and we are alive during a pandemic and a wave of racial protesting/injustice and an insane election and we’re supposed to plan our futures and know what we want to do

conangray: me and the rest of the gen z’s will successfully solve the overpopulation crisis by simply not having kids cuz babies r whack n sure stare a lot for a bitch who can’t fight

harleyfckinquin: everything written by Sappho but the best one? “Sweet mother, I cannot weave – slender Aphrodite has overcome me. with longing for a girl.”

TheOnion: Every Member Of Police Department Excitedly Volunteers To Go Undercover In White Supremacist Group

wayneradiotv: the only soldier I respect is captain jack

Baarksdale: i wonder how sappho is doing up there with athena

Chromorbid: girls will be like "I know a place" and then take you here

megan_sappho: i cannot put up with apps tolerating this behaviour. expressing opinions is completely different to this blatant misogyny and racism

Matilda_Fiship: Vileth rocking a beach outfit

lucykyl: nobody talk to me i’m reading my fragments of sappho book

marcebarish: Missed opportunity en Animal Crossing no ponerle a mi mona Sappho y a la isla Lesbos

ciaraturnerart: i really was not expecting this to blow up but hi i make art sometimes

omgkirishima: kirishima's horns are actually antennas that let him know when someone needs emotional support

JordanUhl: I wrote about how the military is using esports, Twitch and murky "giveaways" to trick kids into filling out recruiting forms

mattjbernstein: people think i have long nails to be pretty but actually they are for killing homophobes

JAYVERSACE: it’s kinda disrespectful that we don’t know sign language

haha_gayfunny: I am giving back to the community. All Dunkaccino photos sent to this tweet below will be sent back doubled! If you send one funny Dunk, I will send back two Dunks. Only doing this for 30 minutes. Enjoy!

kousyustreet: europeans think the funniest thing in the world is to be like "hehe funny widdwe amewican can't afford healthcare" and frankly I cannot wait until their vile continent is reclaimed by the sea

sappho_miqo: it works, folks!

Sappho_was_MERF: Tip: don't recommend h*l*n for explaining what is wrong with gender theory. Out of all the people you could recommend on twitter, it doesn't look good to pick the homophobic racist. Yes I really just saw that and yikes at the likes.

lexieevaldez: Gyms closing again? Damn I was about to start going

denzeldion: it’s okay to miss people but don’t forget why they’re not in your life anymore

EbayPremier: Check out Sappho By The Sea - Illustrated Guide to the Hamptons - J. Frederick Smith NEW

meenaharris: God please protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg

decentbirthday: Just delivered Grubhub to this customer, and now I see why Coronavirus is kicking our ass

Liiiii_Liiiii: Tim Walker’s take on “Alice In Wonderful” featuring Duckie Thot ♠️

miumismatic: Set are the Pleiades; the Moon is down And midnight dark on high. The hours, the hours, drift by, And here I lie, Alone Sappho

hridsowner: Kassandra is for sure the canon protag because the idea of Alexios being familiar with Sappho enough to recognize and quote her despite being a meathead from the middle of nowhere is funny

alaraemonts: i have a single bookmarked tweet and it's a sappho line

cosmictaron: now playing: sappho by frankie cosmos

_Lvers_: Tranny Sappho Gf (me)

sapphhoo: yes suffering sappho is my main acc

RegalCourtier7: Can we talk about how Black men allowed White & Latina women to feel like an upgrade over Black women? Cause I’m READY!!

ShadaeMccallum: You don’t need to ask black girls if that’s their real hair in order to compliment it

indiathegirl: Do you flee Instagram after you post something or are you normal?????

sarahlugor: my mom: why don’t you get some nice sandals? me: chunky shoes chunky shoes chunky shoes chunk-


mattjbernstein: if these selfies are on ur tl u were prob a reject in middle school

sappho_twt: So while I was watching Twin Peaks: The Return I broke into a laughing fit for like 10 straight minutes because Micheal Cera appeared out of nowhere and the thought of Micheal Cera and David Lynch working together took me tf out

sappho_twt: He’s playing the son of Andy and Lucy (two of my favorite Twin Peaks characters respectively) and somehow that’s absolutely perfect casting and I couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to play the awkward zany son of these two jsjsjsjsjs

BennyWillard: My therapist calls it anxiety induced tremors I call it involuntary jazz hands


gxrlreadingthis: does anyone want to be in love so we can split rent

KatWithSword: Oh. Someone told Sappho about 2020.

marscuv: i’ll never forget when tmz rushed to be the first to report demi’s od and they reported the wrong substance. ppl think she’s a heroin addict to this day. that sht ruins people’s lives and they don’t even care

daniel_barker: Not now, Sappho Bot

thicchotep: Biiittttccchhh look at how they ate

ottoglow: first off i would like to thank sappho for making me gay,,,,,

Cosmis: damn, he's cool

sappho_miqo: this kicks so much ass

stellarstuffs: sign of the times

skinnybdink: me: *doomscrolls* Sappho Bot:


kamomedai_six: Thank you Panasunic shop tv

toloveyouzine: Introducing the contributors for To Love You – A Sapphic Anthology!

rushedlovers: explain to me how this is even allowed.

sappho_miqo: its not Al anymore

Iove666sick: this caused corona i think

IIsabard: IT’S COCK!

igboadjacent: happy non binary day

baph0meat: yes this is Kind Of about a current trend but i genuinely think this all the time and will continue to think it forever

KISHIBEPEDIA: no one's doing it like them

hasansdayoff: “A great wind from the dark will blow upon me, And I be no more found in the fair world, For all the search of the revolving moon And patient shine of everlasting stars.” -Sappho (memorized at 2:46am)

samsmith: Happy international non binary day to all you beautiful Enbys out there ❤️

HUNCHO4N: why are women so fine wtf i wont all of y’all

lazycheskie: This gifset of Naya was from 8 years ago. Naya Rivera literally said gay rights during a time in television where queer women loving queer women on TV was so rare.

VlLLAlNlSTS: so true queen so are you friends with sappho

HUGirl2AJ: Ngl I feel accomplished when I rt Sappho bot and someone rt’s it from me cjrjfjjrnfjrnfnrjf

sweatglands: fences hold me back from mine, baby

Sappho_was_MERF: eh close enough, I don't actually dye my hair, they just didn't have the colour of my eyebrows

NightValeRadio: I'm a little teapot, short and stout./why did you pour boiling water in me, oh god get it out.

Sappho_was_MERF: my summerlook

NYpoet: “How do you define beauty? Best way I ever heard was Sappho... You have certain special and private places, and ideal places... memories of times when, the way you’re constantly in childhood...”

demissunflower: the island is going to be called "sappho" is youre wondering.

yianniseinstein: Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres (29 August 1780 – 14 January 1867) was a French painter,Sappho recalledtolifebythecharmofmus.Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts)

mookie000: welcome home

ManjiButt: The protests never stopped. The news just stopped covering it. Protests are still happening, even in Tennessee. These people aren't going anywhere because the problem is in their communities, in their homes. They're fighting for change, even if reporters don't cover it.

ltr0312: study

McAuleyATL: Finland ended homelessness. They provide a small apartment and counseling with no preconditions. 4/5 make their way back into a stable life and guess what - it was CHEAPER than allowing homelessness to continue.

bestsapphics: Naya helped so many people come to terms with who they are & for that we are grateful but she was beyond Santana, she was such a beautiful person, voice, soul and her love ran deep. rest in peace to her & all the love to the ones she held close in her heart, & her in theirs.

bestsapphics: thank you for this, naya. thank you for making us feel seen, heard and valid. we love you. thank you, forever.

sappho_twt: I’m absolutely devastated over Naya Rivera..........I swear to god Glee was cursed. I have never seen so many unnaturally caused deaths in a television show’s cast. It’s heartbreaking.

cristinasoh: naya rivera’s last moment on earth was protecting her son. she pushed him onto the boat but couldn’t save herself. i’m heartbroken.

jennyyangtv: so if trump and betsy are forcing schools to open in the fall we are all prepared to support TEACHERS GOING ON STRIKE YEAH?

sappho_twt: I got gay hands baaaaabie

sappho_twt: Learning that the Little Man from Twin Peaks is a racist Trump supporter that hates David Lynch’s work (including Twin Peaks) was one of the worst revelations of my life

curtmega: Rest in Peace and in Power.

Miss_Candis: Just in case you thought the protests magically disappeared... they didn’t. The media did.

mieillee: and they were (business) partners...(oh my god they were business partners)

firasd: Of course he was preceded by Sappho: "someone will remember us / I say / even in another time".

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