Every dreamer aims at achieving one's dreams
Yes, we toil quarter of our lives and sail through extremes
They say it's always easy for you to win
but don't know to make it possible it takes every bit of your skin
Winning sure sometimes becomes hard
but maintaining it is the toughest part
Folks don't realise what actually goes inside the struggler
Only after winning he gets respect or else is treated like a burglar
Hundreds no thousands of them staring at you eagerly waiting to point out your mistake
After all it's you who suffers when it's checkmate!
Criticisms must be constructive and not insulting
Never forget a winner too was once a loser and wasn't a born king
Consistency doesn't only come through hardwork and struggles
It requires god level focus and self belief simultaneously ignoring the others
Never care about what they say
It's your positivity and karma that will sway you to the bay
And never forget, the ones who are awestruck at your victory now once reminded you about the failure and never set you free
Don't do it to prove to anybody
Do it to excel your excellency and to become a startling somebody!