Who is Samuel Griswold Goodrich

Samuel Griswold Goodrich (August 19, 1793 – May 9, 1860) was an American author, better known under the pseudonym Peter Parley.

Contents Biography Commemorative medal given to Goodrich for his work as the American consul in Paris Goodrich was born at Ridgefield, Connecticut, t...
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Samuel Griswold Goodrich Poems

  • The Sea-bird
    Far, far o'er the deep is my island throne,
    Where the sea-gull roams and reigns alone;
    Where nought is seen but the beetling rock,
    And nought is heard but the ocean-shock, ...
  • A Dream Of Life
    When I was young long, long ago
    I dreamed myself among the flowers;
    And fancy drew the picture so,
    They seemed like Fairies in their bowers. ...
  • Thoughts At Sea
    Here is the boundless ocean, there the sky,
    O'er-arching broad and blue
    Telling of God and heaven how deep, how high,
    How glorious and true! ...
  • Good Night
    The sun has sunk behind the hills,
    The shadows o'er the landscape creep;
    A drowsy sound the woodland fills,
    And nature folds her arms to sleep: ...
  • Perennials
    Life is a journey, and its fairest flowers
    Lie in our path beneath pride's trampling feet;
    Oh, let us stoop to virtue's humble bowers,
    And gather those, which, faded, still are sweet. ...
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