Like fuss aspect after her tiddler,
thus have u been.
Devising my vernal days awe-inspiring.
Wholly 'cos of your love.

My passel of callosities and struggle,
Came down to abysm.
All because of your unceasing address.
From HIM who sent you.

Like a shepherd of ataraxis
U've ne'er trail me astray.
Castigating me in reapproachement,
When I postulate LEFT OVER.

Momma is so golden chance to have you.
Convergent thinker.
Cos you paseo in God's way.
You are blest.

My Prayers!

May your days exist longevity under the heavens
And your light effulgence as the sun.
You are ACE in a Meg.
Scintillant as a saturated GOLD; because,
You are my RECTOR.