Two lassies, loom in the yard
Greenish decor made a fog of glee
It is paradise? Trees, leaves and artistry here!
Oh! sure it is a promised land
Antithetic hair furnished the arena
And wrist watch glows as silver, it is precious.
Two damsels ready for the trdaditional art-
Stant one-on-one. The greenish dame
Raised her arms and placed her ami's cheek
She stretched, La droite, La gauche
"She smiles , she smiles and teach smile"
She taught the eigh , one left
Sringara, Karunam, Raudram, Viram
Bhayanakam, Bibhatsam, Abdhutham,
Santham, Now teach "HASYAM".
"She smiles , Eeeeee.... her ami smiles Eeeeee.....
"She smiles , she smiles and teach smile"