Storm is arriving, can be seen darkening skies
Pitiful birds, hear and there, helplessly flies
Darkness followed by roar, strange terror, it alights,
As the darkness, the roar gradually intensifies.

No critter wants to give up or give in
Trying to evade the reaper of the grim
Running hither and thither, as the flame, the desire for life ignited within.
But just before the storm, deafening silence spread it's wings
Shuddering with fear, flesh beneath the skin.

Then in the darkness, storm roared with full rage
Seems, end is nigh, message it conveys
With utmost force, violent winds struck, looks as though it says
Life and hope will be wiped out from miniscule earthly stage

By exceedingly dark, whole expanse engulfed
So much force, whole area trembled
The fear, the pain overwhelmed, now can't be dissembled
The will, the tolerance gradually crumbles

Now, knelt down to that divine, supreme being
For the deliverance, soul is sobbing
When the darkness will be ripped by the ray of hope?
For that sun, the sun of deliverance, restlessly craving, desperately waiting.