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Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book The Psychology of Existence Authors: Rollo May, Kirk J Schneider
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Published Date: 2012-02-01
Categories: Psychology
A prestigious, original title co-authored by Rollo May, one of the best selling American fathers of existential psychology. This long awaited text in existential psychology presents a practical, integrative approach to the discipline especially for the training clinician. Three broad dimensions are emphasized: its literary, philosophical, and psychological heritage, its recent and future trends, and its therapeutic applications.

Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book My Quest for Beauty Authors: Rollo May
Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated
Published Date: 1985
Categories: Art
Includes fourteen line drawings, one black-and white photo, and sixteen unpaged "full color paintings by the author."

Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book The Art of Counselling Authors: Rollo May
Publisher: Human Horizons
Published Date: 1992
Categories: Counseling
The Art of Counselling is an insightful guide for all who work in professions where counselling is a key part of their work: for doctors who often need to counsel the bereaved and discuss intimate subjects with their patients; for lawyers who advise clients in difficult situations; social workers and the clergy whose work is largely spent helping those in distress; senior management staff looking to relate productively with their staff - all will find this book an essential companion.Rollo May's direct and personal approach, combined with the use of pertinent examples, guides the reader to understanding how to adjust his or her own personality to deal constructively and positively with others.

Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book Dreams + Symbols Authors: Caligor, Rollo May
Publisher: New York : Basic Books
Published Date: 1969
Categories: Dreams.
The nature of dream life is studied in this account of a young woman's analytic sessions over a period of three years

Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book Power and Innocence: A Search for the Sources of Violence Authors: Rollo May
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Published Date: 1998-03-17
Categories: Psychology
Stressing the positive, creative aspects of power and innocence, Rollo May offers a way of thinking about the problems of contemporary society. Rollo May defines power as the ability to cause or prevent change; innocence, on the other hand, is the conscious divesting of one's power to make it seem a virtuea form of powerlessness that Dr. May sees as particularly American in nature. From these basic concepts he suggests a new ethic that sees power as the basis for both human goodness and evil. Dr. May discusses five levels of power's potential in each of us: the infant's power to be; self-affirmation, the ability to survive with self-esteem; self-assertion, which develops when self-affirmation is blocked; aggression, a reaction to thwarted assertion; and, finally, violence, when reason and persuasion are ineffective.

Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book Existence Authors: Rollo May
Publisher: Jason Aronson
Published Date: 1994-09-01
Categories: Medical
Since its publication, Existence has been regarded as the most important, complete, and lucid account of the existentialist approach to psychology. From the works of the leading spokesmen of the existential analytic movement, the editors have selected classic case histories and other writings to define the approach that seeks to understand mental illness, in the words of Rollo May, "...not as deviations from the conceptual yardstick of this or that psychiatrist...but as deviations in the structure of the particular patient's existence, the disruptions of his condition humane."

Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book Man's Search for Himself Authors: Rollo May
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Published Date: 2009-02-18
Categories: Psychology
"Analyzes life as we are living it, and the analysis is truthful and profound."--New York Times Loneliness, boredom, emptiness: These are the complaints that Rollo May encountered over and over from his patients. In response, he probes the hidden layers of personality to reveal the core of man's integration--a basic and inborn sense of value. Man's Search for Himself is an illuminating view of our predicament in an age of overwhelming anxieties and gives guidance on how to choose, judge, and act during such times.

Rollo May Books, Rollo May poetry book Love and Will Authors: Rollo May
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Published Date: 2007
Categories: Psychology
An exploration of the dilemma of modern man focusing on his failure to appreciate the meanings of love and will.

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