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  • The Sundowner.
    So He will at the last, too, gather all,
    As in the bush a traveller for his fire
    Sticks and dry leaves, as eerie the light fades;
    Till from those sticks and leaves there comes a flame, ...
  • Night-bound.
    Comes the night that brings me rest,
    Comes the dark that folds me in
    This of all my nights the best,
    Nights of virtue, nights of sin. ...
  • Thought's Assiduity.
    Be not afraid of facts; they must be faced,
    And thought must in the affairs of circumstance
    Untangle many a knotty point, decide
    Grave issues, and so tend life's business that ...
  • The Recuperative Power Of Youth.
    She has hope's remedy in being young:
    When age is on, and life has such a fall,
    The efficacy has left that medicine
    Which in youth is so vital....
  • Barbarians.
    As the crinoid star-fish to the sea-base
    By his stem fixed draws bare subsistence in
    His straitened sphere, as in the sunless ooze
    He turns on his long jointed pedicle, ...
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Life 88 Love 82 I Love You 82 Dream 57 Light 55 Death 53 Heart 53 Thought 46 Time 42 Sweet 39

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Wclvnowplaying: usaf march by robert crawford. dallas wind symphony /fennell.
Brendaachapman: american thriller writer robert crawford interviewed me today for his blogspot - lots of interesting questions!
Cpa_trendlines: the taxprof: the 50 most downloaded u.s. tax law professors of 2022: rank name school downloads 1 reuven avi-yonah michigan 11,679 2 daniel hemel nyu 4,980 3 bridget crawford pace 4,235 4 robert sitkoff harvard 3,074 5…
Edwereddie: this is a surprise. joan crawford and larry fine in robert z. leonard’s dancing lady (1933)
Nellenist: it's very fitting that this term's puzzle poetry seminar is taking place in the room exhibiting robert crawford's "classical texts" - we were discussing hellenistic shape poems surrounded by such wonders as this hephaestan hammer! [more info on rc's work:
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