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  • The Sundowner.
    So He will at the last, too, gather all,
    As in the bush a traveller for his fire
    Sticks and dry leaves, as eerie the light fades;
    Till from those sticks and leaves there comes a flame, ...
  • Night-bound.
    Comes the night that brings me rest,
    Comes the dark that folds me in
    This of all my nights the best,
    Nights of virtue, nights of sin. ...
  • Thought's Assiduity.
    Be not afraid of facts; they must be faced,
    And thought must in the affairs of circumstance
    Untangle many a knotty point, decide
    Grave issues, and so tend life's business that ...
  • The Recuperative Power Of Youth.
    She has hope's remedy in being young:
    When age is on, and life has such a fall,
    The efficacy has left that medicine
    Which in youth is so vital....
  • Barbarians.
    As the crinoid star-fish to the sea-base
    By his stem fixed draws bare subsistence in
    His straitened sphere, as in the sunless ooze
    He turns on his long jointed pedicle, ...
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  • Modeledbehavior: since robert reich is to economics what homer simpson is to nuclear safety, his sympathy makes sense. is there a bee in a basement somewhere we can put reich in charge of watching?
  • Sparkxradiokspx: kspx sparkx radio now playing back to the 80s by robert crawford listen live here
  • Almighty_hltman: okay. replace floyd and pac, with spence and bud. how do those two fare in the welterweight era floyd and manny fought in? do spence and crawford beat mosley bradley hatton victor ortiz andre berto zab judah robert guerrero marquez clottey miguel cotto
  • Sparkxradiokspx: sparkx radio now playing back to the 80s by robert crawford listen live here
  • Kojh1047: robert crawford - just for me
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