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José Asunción Silva (27 November 1865 in Bogotá – 23 May 1896 in Bogotá) was a Colombian poet. He is considered one of the founders of Spanish–American Modernism.

Life Born to a wealthy and educated Bogotá family, Asunción Silva led a comfortable life. When he was just ten years old, he wrote his first poems. In 1882 he traveled through England, Switzerland and France, and in Paris met with other contemporary poets and artists, including Stéphane Mallarmé and Gustave Moreau. His trip to Europe would influence his style, as he incorporated many French themes. However, with the death of his father and the mounting financial difficulties of his family, Asunción Silva found himself obligated to return to Colombia. Incapable of paying his family's e...
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Soul 5 Long 4 Time 4 Heart 3 Blue 3 Memory 3 Golden 3 Light 3 White 3 Forever 3

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  • Banknoteworld: colombia 5,000 pesos banknote, 2015. colored in brown and blue. it features an image of jose asuncion silva who was a notable poet from the 1800's. the reverse features an image of a colombian paramo ecosystem.
  • Motorsal13: i just started reading josé asunción silva’s de sobremesa, and the first few pages are just one guy being mad at his friend for not doing the writing he should be doing, and it’s way too early in the day for a book to come at me like this.
  • Zeeshanjaanam: not everything in existence is a wound  where blood gushes out.  —josÉ asunciÓn silva
  • Alfonso_peralt: "and i cannot rise and i am dying of anguish and weakness ... death! ... i am unmoved by thoughts of it; i am sure it is no more horrible or mysterious than life!" -josé asunción silva, after-dinner conversation
  • Faust89823700: jose asuncion silva - for the reader's ear no, that was not passion, it was the vague tenderness inspired by a sickly child, lang syne, and moon pale nights. the spirit sings only when the heart is moved,
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