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José Asunción Silva (27 November 1865 in Bogotá – 23 May 1896 in Bogotá) was a Colombian poet. He is considered one of the founders of Latin American Modernismo.


Born to a wealthy and educated Bogotá family, Asunción Silva led a comfortable life. When he was just ten years old, he wrote his first poems. In 1882 he traveled through England, Switzerland and France, and in Paris met with other contemporary poets and artists, including Stéphane Mallarmé and Gustave Moreau. His trip to Europe would influence his style, as he incorporated many French themes. However, with the death of his father and the mounting financial difficulties of his family, Asunción Silva found himself obligated to return to Colombia. Incapable of paying his family's enormous deb...
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Soul 5 Long 4 Time 4 Heart 3 Blue 3 Memory 3 Golden 3 Light 3 White 3 Forever 3

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Honorem_accipia: here i am, myself, filled with the black cakes of loneliness and of your death, separated from you by all—time, tomb, earth— and by the nothing.. ..along the path i roamed -nocturne: josé asunción silva by /transl. r. fernandez
Banknoteworld: colombia 5,000 pesos, 2012. on the obverse is a portrait of colombian poet jose asuncion silva. the back of the note centers a moonlit night scene in a grove with a woman and a pedestal that reflects a microprinted excerpt from silva’s poem “nocturno”.
Zeus_cbsb: 10-6-1 calle jose asuncion silva poniente / calle jose asuncion silva sur h3,bx1 (14:35:22)
Jederjones: i loved the scene that juxtaposes laverde listening to the recording of the black box with the narrator listening to josé asunción silva's poem 'nocturno iii' ... "y eran una sola sombra larga."
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