Veruca Salt, The Little Brute Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'Veruca Salt the little bruteA
Has just gone down the garbage chuteA
And as we very rightly thoughtB
That in a case like this we oughtB
To see the thing completely throughC
We've polished off her parents tooC
Down goes Veruca Down the drainD
And here perhaps we should explainD
That she will meet as she descendsE
A rather different set of friendsE
To those that she has left behindF
These won't be nearly so refinedF
A fish head for example cutG
This morning from a halibutG
'Hello Good morning How d'you doC
How nice to meet you How are you 'H
And then a little further downI
A mass of others gather roundJ
A bacon rind some rancid lardK
A loaf of bread gone stale and hardK
A steak that nobody could chewC
An oyster from an oyster stewC
Some liverwurst so old and grayL
One smelled it from a mile awayL
A rotten nut a reeky pearM
A thing the cat left on the stairM
And lots of other things as wellN
Each with a rather horrid smellN
These are Veruca's new found friendsE
That she will meet as she descendsE
And this is the price she has to payL
For going so very far astrayL
But now my dears we think you mightO
Be wondering is it really rightO
That every single bit of blameP
And all the scolding and the shameP
Should fall upon Veruca SaltQ
Is she the only one at faultQ
For though she's spoiled and dreadfully soR
A girl can't spoil herself you knowR
Who spoiled her then Ah who indeedS
Who pandered to her every needS
Who turned her into such a bratT
Who are the culprits Who did thatT
Alas You needen't look so farU
To find out who these sinners areU
They are and this is very sadV
Her loving parents MUM and DADV
And that is why we're glad they fellN
Into the garbage chute as well 'H

Roald Dahl


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