I've fallen as far as I can go.
down.. does anyone care?
NO. Lonley at the top. Just as cold once you drop. Disappearing into nothing...
Left to die. left to rot. All alone. Everyone forgot.
A shattered corpse of misery.
Never left a mark. Isolated.
Never to strike a spark. Damaged.
Born with a defected heart.
Traveled around. Been everywhere.
No one spoke a word. nobody cares.
They were just around to cover the affair.
Suffocated. Took all the air...
No old memories... nothing to remember. Year after year. January to December. No new adventures.
I give in. Yes I surrender.
A forgotten soul... everyone took turns. Played their role. Destroying everything about me. Became their goal.
Made me bait in this giant fish bowl.
Out numbered .. lost control.
Fought and fought. Soon gave up the fight. Lost it all. It wasn't right.
Took it all. Even my sight. Not one single horse. no shining knight. Cast aside away from the light.
Alone in the darkness. Can't see
What next. Poisoned.. cursed. I'm sure I was hexed. Something happened i didn't expect. Opened a portal . A giant vortex.