The Garden Behind The Moon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It didn t rain all summerA
Instead of water my father used prayerB
for his garden Despite his friends laughterA
he planted spinach and lettuceC
countless rows of cucumbersD
in beds lined up meticulouslyE
ignoring old people s warningsF
about the droughtG
Every afternoon he pushed his hat backH
wiped off his sweatI
and looked up at the empty skyJ
the sun scorchingK
the acacia trees shriveling in the heatL
In July the ground looked like cementM
Like the ruins of a Roman thermal bathN
it kept the vestiges of a lost orderA
traces of streams long goneO
He yelled at me to step backH
from the impeccable architectureA
of climbing green beansP
the trellis for tomatoesQ
although there was nothing to be seenR
no seedlings no tendrilsQ
not even weedsQ
just parched bare groundS
as if I were disturbingK
the hidden sleep of seedsQ

Reena Choudhary
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/05/2019


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Sangeeta chakraborty: I like your emotions toward your father's hard work for his garden.

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