A Dream Of Wheat Field Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The sunflower droopsA
To the lazy wave the wind sleepsA
Then moving in dazzling links and loopsA
A marvel of shadow and shineB
A glory of olive and amber and wineB
Runs the color in the wheatC
When the wild winds rumbled past you in the fall fieldsA
and you blessed them you surrenderedD
to splendor when you lifted up your ruins on the old roadE
remember the seasonsA
when the wind was new when your handsA
were good fire in the hands of travelersA
A land of plenty whereF
Toward the sun as hasting thereF
The colors runG
Before the wind's feetC
in the wheatC
Wind as it sings you kneel thereF
So faint and far it seems the droneH
Of bee or beetle seems to comeI
as you must have done in your firstJ
world when the windK
A cloud flies thereF
A swirlL
In the hollows like the twinkling feetC
Of a fairy waltzer the colors runG
To the westward sunG
Through the deeps of the ripening wheatC
was wind when your ruinG
was a music youM
who were no one once and colderN
and were open so wholly to the brokennessA
that you sang to whatever left you emptyO
like the cello in the cello maker s handsA

Reena Choudhary
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/05/2019


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