Randall Jarrell White Poems

  • 1.
    When the swans turned my sister into a swan
    I would go to the lake, at night, from milking:
    The sun would look out through the reeds like a swan,
    A swan's red beak; and the beak would open
  • 2.
    The spirit killeth, but the letter giveth life.
    The week is dealt out like a hand
    That children pick up card by card.
    One keeps getting the same hand.
  • 3.
    The moon rises. The red cubs rolling
    In the ferns by the rotten oak
    Stare over a marsh and a meadow
    To the farm's white wisp of smoke.
  • 4.
    Looking back in my mind I can see
    The white sun like a tin plate
    Over the wooden turning of the weeds;
    The street jerking --a wet swing--
  • 5.
    The saris go by me from the embassies.

    Cloth from the moon. Cloth from another planet.
    They look back at the leopard like the leopard.
  • 6.
    I. Children's Arms

    On my way home I pass a cameraman
    On a platform on the bumper of a car
  • 7.
    Under the separated leaves of shade
    Of the gingko, that old tree
    That has existed essentially unchanged
    Longer than any other living tree,
  • 8.
    I walk beside the prisoners to the road.
    Load on puffed load,
    Their corpses, stacked like sodden wood,
    Lie barred or galled with blood
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