The atmosphere is dry & COOL,
places are walking as noble pool,
Every thing is feeling the short.
No one hides it self from this hot.

Some one last the life card,
The talks turned over abroad,
Valley was dipped into fire ,
It was got self by the admire.

Stares are not running at the road,
Just all were taken in code,
They never go for the name,
Nor for the self building game.

They take their life younder to cut,
Courage and affection is their gut,
The treasures are hidden behind the legends,
They live in the souls through all weakened's

Shun the path of sand,
Walking up right to land,
Understanding the right way,
Told them they are not gay.

Beside they mind the end,
But they never took the bend,
Fighting with full core and zest,
Get heavy to defend took them to rest.

The life life is all about to these treasures,
Whom never took it's measures,
Kept the fire in the core,
Never set the life than it more.