Kenya my small world of fear
Have you ever taken time to see what surrounds us?
Or have you closed your eyes ingorably because you prefer to be blind?
Do you admit that precious Kenya is falling apart?
With blue sky above which is no longer clear

Green grass covering the fertile soil is dying
When you see litter in the street we kick it like we practically do soccer
When the air smells we strongly blame the growing industries
The hot burning sun blaming the ozone break
Should we wait for Kenya to speak before we react?
There is something each of us can do
We are all selfish and murderers killing everything beautiful nature gave us
Birds chirping from site unseen
As they say, you reap what you've sown
Slowly we shall perish
Let's bring warm morning sun
Glittering morning dew
Give colourful and endangered species shelter
Let's plant a better seed
Tear out old roots, cultivate weed
Our water, skies, wildlife and trees for once they should appear
Save our home
Save our Kenya
Or forever lost in pit of regrates and deaths
*art RachelMercyMakokha"