Untitled Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


in our lives somethings never changeA
such as time of death and our fateB
we are just puppets in front of himC
who is the lord who is the kingD
we all are young and strongE
but one day talk to our kidsF
about the day we were bornG
we are untitled we just have namesH
which describe our personality and our fate as people sayI
if you want a title then have a good personality becauseJ
after your death it will lead to immoralityK
do what you love what you doL
but dint forget every thing is being written down that you brewL
brew something good in this worldM
because now you are untitledM
we are nothing in front of him who is the god and created us from sand grainN
names describe our personalityM
but what personality describes is untitledM
one day the earth will break and we will be tested for our goods and sinsO
there are title will be used not our nameP

Raahima Muqaddas
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/23/2020

Poet's note: so basically this poem is about who we are names are just our identity we all are same we are made from the same material but someone is common and someone specific we should have a good title that will help us in the world and also in the afterlife


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