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  • Work
    When I am busying about,
    Sewing on buttons, tapes, and strings,
    Hanging the week's wet washing out
    Or ironing the children's things,...
  • Winter
    Hold your hands to the blaze;
    Winter is here
    With the short cold days,
    Bleak, keen and drear....
  • Windflowers
    When I was little and good
    I walked in the dappled wood
    Where light white windflowers grew,
    And hyacinths heavy and blue....
  • White Magic
    This is the room to which she came,
    And Spring itself came with her;
    She stirred the fire of life to flame,
    She called all music hither....
  • Wedding Day
    The enchanted hour,
    The magic bower,
    Where, crowned with roses,
    Love love discloses....
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  • Maryj59: 4 of 5 stars to the magic world by edith nesbit, fict... by e. nesbit
  • Everytitlecincy: the story of the treasure seekers : being the adventures of the bastable children in search of a fortune—nesbit, e. (edith), 1858-1924. 1958 juvenile book | fiction items: 2 | circs: 76 | last circ: 9/2021
  • Messnherna: download free kindle big book of best short stories - volume 9 by ernest bramah, e. w. hornung, john galsworthy, stacy aumonier, arthur morrison, edith nesbit, thomas burke, selma lagerlöf, paul heyse, théophile gautier, august nemo
  • Romgothsam: 1) one story that i will never shake off is 'the shadow' by edith nesbit. captures melancholy, a creeping horror and a lingering eerie-ness that will leave you struggling with your own shadow 2/
  • Eleanorfitz: happy birthday to author & activist edith (e.) nesbit, born on this day in 1858. as well as writing much-loved children’s books, she campaigned for social reform & the alleviation of child poverty. if you’d like to know more you might enjoy my biography
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