Love me not but respect me much
Love is very inportant but respect is most
Calculate well you find respect is the findings for it pays.

Dream not to gain love but dream as mighty as much to earn respect
For love pains ,hurts ,ills and kills
It at times treats it's clients with hard hands
Not to menstion Julio and Romeo's terror.

At times love is more harzardrous than a gonely moster
For moster kill to suck blood or chop flesh but love can spare one alive but turtures ,hurts and pains to the bastard level
Not to say but love without respect is like tea without sugar.

Know you, respect is reciprocal, the more you give the more get
Respect !, for with mutual respect world will be reign by peace
Respect !!, for with respect will have a better atmosphere for living
Respect!!! for when respect vanished it unreversible.