I Am Strong After All Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Am in a realm I can't escapeA
Having so many night mares am even afraid to sleepB
Have to wait for that superstitious time to passC
It's perfect Then i can sleep in and pretend am lazy and let everyone misjudge meD
When in actual sense am sufferingE
Letting them come into my world would kill them in many waysF
Am afraid they will lose all the peace and belief they depend onG
I can break their faith if I let them inH
Then i can be blamed and called MischiefI
Then i can blame myself and call myself MischievousJ
Wait Is it really my fault that I discovered this infamous realmK
What can I do to escapeA
All I can do is live a double life a goofy me during the day and a physcho during the nightL
Remember that superstitious time It's hrs in the morningE
I have to wait for that time to pass then I can fall asleep If notM
Then am in trouble I can see them all night long see them trying to get me trying to get rid of me because I am capable of defeating them WaitN
But if I can defeat them then why am I so afraid of themO
I've stopped them before Before they could get to my loved ones I've defeated most of them but they are always different ones comingE
Recruitment do they recruit more to defeat me but it seems they can'tP
WHY then am I so afraid of themO
Does that make me a Vigilante of another realmK
I've prevented many bad things from happening am a heroine and I don't knowQ
I am strong thenR
I am powerful thenR
I am me and I will always be meD
Want to come into my worldS
Bring your Armour along cause life is a battle and it's full of surprisesT
Be you and I will be meD
We are strong togetherU

Purplestone Corner
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/17/2019


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