Strength Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Life has ups and downsA
Take a close look think about yourselfB
You are not like any one elseC
Take a breath you are differentD
People know you as a dreamerE
Keep going the steps of success are more harderE
Look forward and face your fearsF
But i hope change is not one of themG
Never look back face your way to successH
Dreams are better than reality but yours aren'tD
You keep breathing every day for a reasonI
You are dying for victoryJ
You have being tripping but you are still strongerE
Your tears have become your strengthK
Your weakness has become your close friendL
Your shadow has become youM
Your strength is stronger than it wasN

Prisca Nombeko
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/17/2022

Poet's note: I wrote this poem for the people who have failed that the is no reason to give up and the change and the failure people are running away from can be your guard to fix your mistakes. This poem means a lot to me because i get to express my feelings to people and encourage those who have lot hope


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