In these days, I walk in the mirror and see,
What drugs and medicines have made me,
My bones feel thicker than wood,
My point of view is more than that,
I can see my bones and veins through my skin,
I need to ingurgitate all the death pills,
I can see my heart beat in my chest,
Oh this pain, such greatness, such a mess,
I can feel the fear coming closerŲŒ
I can feel the shadow getting dark,
And if anyone talks about illegal usurpation,
I just bend the law and win in opposition,
But this addiction has gone too far,
Damaging, the lungs, the heart,
Our death is ruled an overdose,
So our story book is closed,
With our bequest, sad and ruined,
Drugs leads to depression for everyone,
Some smalltime gladness, worth our organs,
Diurnal/daily problems, all due to drugs.