Praise Tochukwu Poems

  • 1.
    Once there was light,
    But darkness came by the lie.
    So glad everything was over,
    All the broken hearts mended,
  • 2.
    The memories keeps replaying,
    I wish we were still together,
    "But wishes are just wishes" you said.

  • 3.
    He really don't know.
    The plans he have seems so impossible,
    But the pains he go through is possible.
    The things he hear people say about him is crazy,
  • 4.
    Silver and Gold, I don't have
    But what I have I give unto you
    With my mouth I proclaim the remembrance of your birth
    Cause with your own mouth have you comforted me
  • 5.
    Please love me, I said in my heart.
    At the mention of her name,
    Everybody comes searching.
    At the sound of her step,
  • 6.
    Her beauty radiates like the early morning sun
    Her qualities multiples like the stars in the sky
    Her heart is as pure and innocent as a little child
    In her eyes of anger
  • 7.
    Back then, you strive to be them.
    Back then, you seek to be them.
    Back then you fight to be them.
    Back then you get too emotional
  • 8.
    It may seem like a dream
    But it is reality
    When it started, it started like anger
    But it was s feeling of love.
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