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  • His Faith
    He really don't know.
    The plans he have seems so impossible,
    But the pains he go through is possible.
    The things he hear people say about him is crazy, ...
  • Happy Birthday Dear
    Silver and Gold, I don't have
    But what I have I give unto you
    With my mouth I proclaim the remembrance of your birth
    Cause with your own mouth have you comforted me ...
  • Love Me Please
    Please love me, I said in my heart.
    At the mention of her name,
    Everybody comes searching.
    At the sound of her step, ...
  • Who Is The Best?
    The man who build the church,
    Is the man who build the best.
    The man who build the prison,
    Is not at all the best. ...
  • It Must Be Her
    Her beauty radiates like the early morning sun
    Her qualities multiples like the stars in the sky
    Her heart is as pure and innocent as a little child
    In her eyes of anger ...
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  • Silence can kill,ignorance hurt
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