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  • Dangerous Love
    I fell in love with the right at the wrong.
    It's crazy I know but I keep going on.
    The timing was right but the time was wrong.
  • The Game
    It's all a puzzle , but the game is leaked, the results are the same , just that the players are in disguise. Who am I to talk? Si mlisema you'd rather use an old knife that's not working and hurting you than to use a new and unused one.
    The rules mlichange and nasikia better kuongeza maji kwa the sea that's already breaking it's boundaries than to start on a new one.
    Youths ndo the decision makers , but kwa the list of takers hawatoshei juu the rules are too twisted for them to play but so simple for them to spectate.
    Si nilisikia the easiest way to make an enemy to support you is by breaking all their ties or buying all their supplies that itabidi wakubeg ndyo uwasupply. Si ndyo sera za 5year zinabargainiwa 100bob. ...
  • Pieces
    Broken shell I am
    No! in pieces I am
    All Crushed
    But scattered ...
  • Complicated
    To this world I was welcomed by a cry but with joy
    I cry when happy but laugh when sad
    The closer I get to my goals, the further I get from the goal
    Is this the happy or the sad cycle of life? ...
  • Twisted
    I am in a great and deserted desert,
    Bare, with no sign of hope.
    The light is fading away,
    But the pressure is extremely increasing. ...
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