How Shall I Woo Thee Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


How shall I woo thee to win thee mine ownA
Say in what tongue shall I tell of my loveB
I who was fearless so timid have grownA
All that was eagle has turned into doveB
The path from the meadow that leads to the barsC
Is more to me now than the path of the starsC
How shall I woo thee to win thee mine ownA
Thou who art fair and as far as the moonD
Had I the strength of the torrent's wild toneA
Had I the sweetness of warblers in JuneD
The strength and the sweetness might charm and persuadeE
But neither have I my petition to aidE
How shall I woo thee to win thee mine ownA
How shall I traverse the distance betweenF
My humble cot and your glorious throneA
How shall a clown gain the ear of a queenF
Oh teach me the tongue that shall please thee the bestG
For till I have won thee my heart may not restG

Paul Laurence Dunbar


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