Black Sampson Of Brandywine Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'In the fight at Brandywine Black Samson a giant negro armed withA
a scythe sweeps his way through the red ranks ' C M Skinner'sB
' Myths and Legends of Our Own Land 'C
Gray are the pages of recordD
Dim are the volumes of eldD
Else had old Delaware told usE
More that her history heldD
Told us with pride in the storyF
Honest and noble and fineG
More of the tale of my heroH
Black Samson of BrandywineG
Sing of your chiefs and your noblesI
Saxon and Celt and GaulJ
Breath of mine ever shall join youK
Highly I honor them allJ
Give to them all of their gloryF
But for this noble of mineG
Lend him a tithe of your tributeD
Black Samson of BrandywineG
There in the heat of the battleL
There in the stir of the fightD
Loomed he an ebony giantD
Black as the pinions of nightD
Swinging his scythe like a mowerM
Over a field of grainN
Needless the care of the gleanersI
Where he had passed amainN
Straight through the human harvestD
Cutting a bloody swathO
Woe to you soldier of BritonN
Death is abroad in his pathP
Flee from the scythe of the reaperM
Flee while the moment is thineN
None may with safety withstand himQ
Black Samson of BrandywineN
Was he a freeman or bondmanN
Was he a man or a thingR
What does it matter His brav'ryM
Renders him royal a kingR
If he was only a chattelL
Honor the ransom may payS
Of the royal the loyal black giantD
Who fought for his country that dayS
Noble and bright is the storyM
Worthy the touch of the lyreM
Sculptor or poet should find itD
Full of the stuff to inspireM
Beat it in brass and in copperM
Tell it in storied lineN
So that the world may rememberM
Black Samson of BrandywineN

Paul Laurence Dunbar


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