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bugwannostra: Rex Patrick is a far greater loss to Australians than Josh Frydenberg and all of the other Liberal evictees combined. He was one of the few fighting to get answers to questions we should all have answers for.

Nick_Holland_: Haworth cemetery is a fascinating place but it reveals the terrible child mortality rate in the 19th century. Here we read of the 11 nameless children of Bernard Hartley who 'all died young', all buried after services by Patrick Bronte.

Doinkadect: William Hartnell Patrick Troughton Jon Pertwee Tom Baker Peter Davison Colin Baker Sylvester McCoy Paul McGann Christopher Eccleston David Tennant Matt Smith Peter Capaldi Jodie Whittaker Ncuti Gatwa

seldo: Let's start with her father, Patrick Brontë, or more accurately Patrick Brunty. Born one of 10 children to a poor family in Ireland, he had a rags-to-comfortably-well-off story, getting a scholarship at Cambridge and becoming a clergyman in the town of Haworth in Yorkshire.

seldo: The switch in spelling from the pedestrian Brunty to Brontë was a deliberate re-branding on Patrick's part, swapping anti-Irish prejudice for association with the famous Lord Nelson, a war hero who had been named Duke of Bronte, a town in Sicily, as a reward for his efforts.

Nick_Holland_: A view from Patrick Bronte's bedroom at Haworth Parsonage. After Branwell Bronte accidentally set his bedroom on fire he moved in here too. Branwell was pulled asleep from his flame filled room by Emily Bronte, a scene which surely inspired Jane Eyre's rescue of Rochester.

pangolincovid: Rex Patrick, ex submariner calls Morrison a bathtub admiral...with a nuclear fantasy

Nick_Holland_: This was Patrick Bronte's study, on the right as you enter Haworth Parsonage. He dined alone here, after which Aunt Branwell read newspapers to him, but it was also the spot of family entertainment as Emily Bronte played the piano (brilliantly) here with Anne singing along!

GrunwaldSpier: Her brother Patrick Branwell Bronte was quite a wild lad compared with his sisters. Perhaps he gave her some ideas?

patrick_laff: Local reveals how he surfed next to women's rotting remains at beach

thepainterflynn: Today in 1855 Charlotte Bronte, daughter of an Irish-born father (Patrick) and eldest of the Bronte sisters, dies during pregnancy

AnnaFarrar21: Indeed,but Patrick Bronte having moved a good 15 miles to Haworth would have wanted to keep his distance,she had stories I feel

gracepeacockni: Figurines of Bronte sisters with Patrick and artwork by Nathalia Amorim

gracepeacockni: Given the volume of teachings of St Patrick being tweeted. Here are 2 valuable teachings of Patrick Bronte, as contained in his leather notebook: "keep every page of this book for the sake of reference" "Always when necessary get receipts" A fellow note taker and keeper

CenarthFox: Born today in 1777, Patrick the priest is the wrongly accused and long suffering hero of the Bronte family. He was labelled the cassocked savage who "should be taken into the garden and shot". Happy 245th, sir.

BaltimoreParade: 17 Mar 1777, near Rathfriland, Co. Down: Patrick Brontë born. The cleric and author (and father of literature's Brontë sisters) changed the spelling of the family name from Brunty (or Prunty).

bronteblog: Patrick Brontë's 245th birthday: Saint Patrick's Day today and so Patrick Brontë's 245th birthday. The Yorkshire Post has an article on the Yorkshire identity.The Yorkshire Society, under the banner of a cooperative body called the Yorkshire Heritage…

HBurpday: March 17 Today is the anniversary of the birth of Patrick Bronte (1777) Gottlieb Daimler (1834) Kate Greenaway (1846) Alfred Newman (1900) Bobby Jones (1902) Molly Weir (1910) Ray Ellington (1916) 1/2

BranwellBronte: My father, Patrick Brontë, was born today in 1777. Despite what many believe, he was a kind and attentive father.

zarahandley: Happy birthday to Patrick Bronte!

CelebBirthdayUK: March 17 Today is the anniversary of the birth of Patrick Bronte Gottlieb Daimler Kate Greenaway Alfred Newman Bobby Jones Molly Weir Ray Ellington Nat King Cole Patrick Allen Eunice Gayson James Irwin Rudolf Nureyev Alexander McQueen Stephen Gately

femine_bronte: Happy St. Patrick’s day ☘️

bronteblog: Patrick, Romance and the Parsonage: The monthly talks at the Brontë Parsonage Museum are back:'My Dear Saucy Pat': Patrick and RomanceThursday 17 February 2022, 19:30 hThursday Talks Patrick was married for nearly nine years to his wife Maria, who,…

BronteParsonage: Our first Thursday Talk of the year takes place next week! We'll be kicking off with a Valentine's special, exploring the relationship between Patrick and Maria Brontë. This talk takes place both at the Parsonage and online, so the more the merrier.

narayansmate: Patrick for PM...

SeawrightDaniel: I knew a bit about Patrick Brontë but hadn't realised the role of another Ulsterman, Charlotte's husband, Arthur Bell Nicholls, in preserving the wonderful Brontë collection of artefacts now at Haworth. Remarkable stories.

SophieMHistory: So, by a very curious set of circumstances, this Methodist couple from some miles away were married by... Patrick Brontë.

Nick_Holland_: This grandfather clock stood, as it does now, in the middle flight of the stairway of Haworth Parsonage. Patrick Bronte wound it up every night. The clock was made by John Barraclough who lived nearby on Main Street. His home is now the wonderful The Hawthorn restaurant.

Umar_Khurshid_: Anne Bronte, painted by her brother Patrick Branwell.

brontecountry: This is

ALibraryscience: On this day in 1812, Patrick Bronte married Maria Branwell at Guiseley. Three of their children grew up to take their place as the greatest writers in English literature.

WutheringHikes: Brontë advent calendar Day 2 The old Bell chapel in Thornton where Patrick Brontë was minister and Anne, Branwell, Charlotte and Emily were christened. Now derelict, the date stone is inscribed 1587, 1612 & 1756.

Nick_Holland_: In 1955 the niece of Arthur Bell Nicholls recalled how Arthur turned his home with his second wife into a shrine to his first: Charlotte Bronte. In it were Bronte books, portraits of the Brontes, the grandfather clock which had stood in Haworth Parsonage and even Patrick's gun!

Nick_Holland_: Some wonderful Patrick Bronte items from the Bronte Parsonage Museum, including a lock of his hair, his quill, the grips he put on his shoes in icy weather and a letter sent with a scrap of Charlotte Bronte's handwriting:

bronteblog: It sounds bonkers: Yorkshire Examiner lists some 'Yorkshire hidden treasures' feature in the recently published book 111 Places in Yorkshire:4. Brontë's Shooting RangeEvery morning Rev Patrick Brontë, the father of Charlotte, Emily and Anne, would fire…

oolabmys: Born on April 21, 1816 in Yorkshire, England, Charlotte Brontë was the third daughter of the Reverend Patrick Brontë and his wife Maria Branwell. In 1824, she and her elder sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, were sent to a boarding school, where poor conditions resulted in a 1

oolabmys: published posthumously. The immediate success of Jane Eyre in 1847 was soon followed by tragedy, when first her brother Patrick and then her two remaining sisters, Emily and Anne, died. Of the six Brontë children, Charlotte was the lone survivor. 3

Nick_Holland_: In today's new post we look at a momentous anniversary in the Bronte story as Patrick Bronte arrives in Yorkshire - with a bang!

JoanneWilcock2: Wonderful to listen to the Chapel Royal Choirboys last Sunday in the place where Patrick Brontë was ordained into the priesthood in 1807. I wonder if there was a choir then??

JoanneWilcock2: Visited Fulham Palace where on 10 Aug 1806 Patrick Brontë was ordained a Deacon in holy orders. The current chapel dates from 1866 so the chapel used by PB was a shared space in the Great Hall. Photos attached.

JoanneWilcock2: Next moved on to attend a service at the intimate but beautiful Chapel Royal in St James’ Palace where Patrick Brontë was ordained into the priesthood on 21 December 1807. What a special location. Imagine Patrick walking in here after his humble beginnings in Drumballyroney!

CuriepolisBuch: be suddenly broken by two pistol reports, as the Brontë sister's father, Patrick Brontë, fires his guns into the air because he has a bad day. He would do that when he was in a bad mood; an Angelican priest somewhat similar in spirit to Yosemite Sam.

brontewoodruff: not sure what his problem is.. woodruff is my maiden name, surname of late father, first name alludes to our (and many others,there were approx 10 siblings) relation to Hugh Bronte, father of Patrick, father of the sisters who wrote amazing books. I didnt choose my name.

dougdingwall: The Coalition has rejected Senator Rex Patrick’s motion to expedite a federal ICAC. As Simon Birmingham defends the govt’s integrity framework, Jacqui Lambie interjects saying “You think you’re untouchable!” and says the govt’s proposed integrity agency is an embarrassment.

OFidhne: “Every leaf speaks bliss to me Fluttering from the autumn tree.” ~ Emily Bronte “And I said let grief be a falling leaf At the dawning of the day …” ~ Patrick Kavanagh

Nick_Holland_: The interior of Haworth's church is very different to the time when Patrick Bronte preached there. The Bronte church was demolished in 1879, but I love these illustrations of the original church with its 'triple decker' pulpit.

Nick_Holland_: "Maria, let us walk and breathe the morning air, And hear the cukoo sing... How much enhanced is all this bliss to me, Since it is shared in mutual joy with thee!" In 1813 Patrick Bronte published The Rural Minstrel including this sweet love poem to his new wife Maria Branwell:

WutheringHikes: Crow hill 1824-Patrick Bronte writes of an earthquake & storm at Crow hill that sent boulders down Ponden valley & flooded the streams. Legend tells this was the night Heathcliff was born. Bursting from the very earth of the moor as Emily first began to imagine him in her mind.

bronte__lee: we got this remarkable book in the post yesterday, an incredible tribute to Patrick Tjungurrayi. And when you buy it you’re supporting the Balgo Dialysis Project, which brings urgent medical services to the desert. get on it you lot!

oshaymoishe1: Patrick Bronte's piano. A beauty.

northumbriana: Pleased to pay my respects at St Michael and All Angels Church in Haworth this morning, and read this powerful letter written by Patrick Brontë in 1837.

Nick_Holland_: I love this page from The Sketch in 1897. Five Bronte-related portraits: the Bronte grandmother and grandfather, their mother Maria and Aunt (Elizabeth) Branwell, with a young Patrick Bronte in the middle:

Wise_Children: Taking Bronte to wild new heights  Verdict: Moor excitement that you can stand Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Read the review in the Daily Mail here:

Nick_Holland_: A while ago I colourised pictures of some of the people central to the Bronte story; I still like the results: here are Patrick Bronte, Martha Brown, Mary Taylor and Ellen Nussey:

DebsGreenJones2: Debs'Daily Brontë Morning all, I bought this because A : I'm a magpie and B: it reminds me of Patrick! It says around the brim of the hat 'A present from a friend'the top comes of the hat to reveal and inkwell and the umbrella pulls out to reveal a pen, so cute !

northumbriana: Reading about Rev Patrick Brontë (father of the famous sisters) who in 1846 had surgery in Manchester to remove cataracts *without anaesthetic*. As it wasn't yet known how to stitch eyes back together he had to lie in a darkened room for weeks afterwards waiting for them to heal.

SaysMiss: I love returning to Patrick Lencioni. And all routes lead back to trust:

RebeccaPenkett: Archangel Michael. Stained glass window from St Peter’s church, Hartshead, West Yorkshire, where Patrick Brontë was vicar from 1810 to 1815.

Geoffrey_M_B: So precise, so articulate. This speaks to me also of current injustices, though written by Rev Patrick Brontë in the 1830s.

ElusiveJ: Your last saved celebrity picture is your therapist so who is it? I’m not sure that Reverend Patrick Brontë, father of the much more famous Brontë siblings, is equipped to help me through the challenges of modern life, but what do I know?

misswongs_: Any book recs?? — there's so many that i like, but i can recommend you the name of the wind by patrick rothfuss, wuthering heights by emily bronté, 1984 by george orwell, never let me go by kazuo ishiguro, south of the border west…

WikiRandomWalk: Patrick Brontë (, commonly ; born Patrick Brunty; 17 March 1777 – 7 June 1861) was an Irish Anglican priest and author who spent most of his adult life in England.

Thatpoetrybloke: Found out yesterday that a couple of my distant relatives got married by Patrick Bronte. Yep. Reckon thats pretty cool.

PhillyPoeGuy: Perfect porch reading day. Cool, light rain, pipe, Patrick O'Brien sea novel (a little break from all the Bronte books).

PhotographicIm4: 1850s 1/6 Plate Daguerreotype Very Old Man Born 1700s Patrick Bronte Look-A-Like

bronteblog: Ecological Apocalypse: A new Brontë-related paper has just been published: Ecological Apocalypse in the Poetry of Patrick and Emily Brontë by Simon Marsden Religions 2021, 12(7), 546;

BradforAero: Bradfor Ltd is based in Co. Down, which was also home to the father of famous authors, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë. Patrick Brunty was born in a small cottage outside Rathfriland in 1777. Find out more below:

LostLives3: 2) Here we go: William Orr, Henry Munro, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Gray, George Gray, Willie Boal, Henry Joy McCracken (also his sister, Mary Ann McCracken), William Orr, William Bronte (younger brother of Rev Patrick Bronte, father of Charlotte, Emily, & Anne) etc.

BernardKeane: What extraordinary garbage from Aaron Patrick - Morrison has never been anything but political at any time

Nickfromupnorth: Patrick Branwell Brontë. The Brontë sisters Anne, Emily, and Charlotte painted by their brother Patrick Branwell Brontë circa 1834. Branwell originally painted himself in the portrait, but eventually painted over his image.

SlurrieFamily: Tim Wilson, a self moisturising show poodle who can’t get a gig in the worst political show in Australian history, claims his lobbying skills are the best in Parliament. I shit you not, this twit is the full Bronte. (Patrick that is)

virtuallysoph: The Charlotte Bronte walk: Bell Chapel in Thornton where Patrick Bronte preached from 1815-1820

MelanieJaxn: I sit, this evening, far away, From all I used to know, And nought reminds my soul to-day Of happy long ago. I'll thank thee, Memory, in the hour When troubled thoughts are mine— For thou, like suns in April's shower, On shadowy scenes wilt shine. -Patrick Branwell Bronte

zarahandley: Patrick Branwell Bronte was born this day in 1817, Thornton. Photos below his room from Bronte Parsonage taken last week. “In the next world I could be worse than I am in this”. P.B.Bronte

thetimes: Charlotte Brontë and her father, Patrick, survived the tuberculosis epidemics that ravaged the rest of their family because of natural immunity, research suggests.

BaltimoreParade: 7 Jun 1861: Patrick Brontë died, Haworth, England. The cleric, author, and father of literature's Brontë sisters outlived all six of his children, including authors Charlotte, Emily, and Anne.

thepainterflynn: Today in 1861 Patrick Brontë from Ballynaskeagh, Co Down, father of Emily, Charlotte, Anne and Bramwell, dies in Haworth , West Yorkshire

bronteblog: TB immunity and travelling: This contributor to The Times seems to have read one of the article in the latest issue of Brontë Studies (Volume 46. Issue 2): The Brontës and Tuberculosis Immunity by Emma Langan.Charlotte Brontë and her father, Patrick,…

HistoryOfEire: TIL Patrick Brontë, the Irish father of the famous Brontë literary family, changed his surname from Brunty, an anglicisation of the Irish name Ó Pronntaigh. The Ó Pronntaigh's were a family of scribes and literary men in Co. Fermanagh.

KSPrior: The collection includes the family copy of Bewick’s “History of British Birds,” which is full of annotations by Patrick Brontë, the siblings’ father. !!!!

gardener_the: According to Patrick Brontë's notes: the starling is “coarse and unpalatable” and “all the Grebes are fishy tasted, and very bad eating and so are all birds, that live on fish.

aktange: One of my favorite details is that the family copy of Bewick's History of British Birds includes a lot of annotations--esp. Patrick's notes about how good various species are to eat (scoter, a kind of duck, tastes like “a mixture of beef and red herring.”)

jac201315: If you're a "young father" or a "young mother" is that referring to your age or the age of the children? Because I'm watching a documentary on the Brontës and they just called Patrick Brontë, in his late 40s in the 1820s as "young" (6 kids aged 7 to infant).

diddykeats: Adrian Dunbar has been cast as Patrick Bronte?!?! Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey.

Nick_Holland_: The parish church of Haworth used by the Brontes was demolished by Patrick Bronte's successor Rev Wade. We can still see what it looked like, however, thanks to these charming illustrations from Ellen Nussey's 'Reminiscences', published by Scribner's Monthly in 1871:

edpearce080759: Charlotte Brontë was born in Thornton, west of Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire, on April 21, 1816. She and her four sisters and brother was brought up by her father, Patrick, an Irish Clergyman. Her mother died in 1821 at the age of 37 of cancer.

Nick_Holland_: In my new post we look at the Branwell family's journey's to Yorkshire - and whether Maria Branwell met Patrick Bronte prior to 1812:

Nick_Holland_: Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne Bronte were born in Thornton Parsonage near Bradford. Here are some pictures from inside it taken in 2019 - including the fireplace by which they were born, and Patrick Bronte's writing desk:

heatherdavison: Another great lost fact about the origins of public health ....Patrick Brontë the Dr. Fauci of his Time? by Carol Piasente

yorkshirepost: Patrick Bronte's grandfather clock has now been returned to the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth after restoration work

brontecountry: This is

lovmsh111: "I know only that it is time for me to be something when I am nothing. "Patrick Branwell Brontë""

thepainterflynn: Today in 1855 Charlotte Bronte, daughter of an Irish-born father (Patrick) and eldest of the Bronte sisters, dies during pregnancy

WarleyRoadPri: We have calculated how much longer Patrick Bronte lived compared with his children; how he became a philanthropist.

Nick_Holland_: By the time of his death Patrick Bronte had become a celebrity, and pictures of him were sold in Haworth shops, as in this 1857 account in the Bradford Observer. Here's one that he signed:

Rothweeee: Thank you, Patrick Brontë, for siring three of my favourite authors. I have at least two Bibles and many other books besides. I will expect much of my children, whenever I have them.

BaltimoreParade: 17 Mar 1777, near Rathfriland, Co. Down: Patrick Brontë born. The cleric and author (and father of literature's Brontë sisters) changed the spelling of the family name from Brunty (or Prunty), an anglicized version of the Irish clan Ó Pronntaigh.

BranwellBronte: My father, Patrick Brontë, was born today in 1777. Despite what many believe, he was a kind and attentive father.

JohnMcDonald15: Patrick Brontë (1777-1861) Father of the Brontë girls and Bramwell. No reason to post him, but I can't get it out of my head that there was something unusual going on in the family. (He lost his wife - and they lost their mother, of course - when the girls were very young.)

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Clare Robinson: I'm looking for a poem written by Patrick Bronte on the eve of his daughter Charlotte's wedding.

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